Did Evan Goldschneider cheat on Jackie? 'RHONJ' fans convinced he did as she jokes about never having oral sex

Did Evan Goldschneider cheat on Jackie? 'RHONJ' fans convinced he did as she jokes about never having oral sex
Evan and Jackie Goldschneider of 'RHONJ' (Jackie Goldschneider Instagram)

With each passing episode, 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' fans are increasingly convinced that Jackie Goldschneider's husband Evan Goldschneider cheated on her. Teresa Giudice brought these rumors to light when she went around telling everybody at Evan's birthday party that he was cheating on Jackie with a bunch of women at his gym. Ever since then, things between Teresa and Jackie have gone from bad to worse.

The final nail in the coffin was when Jackie came up with an analogy involving hearing rumors of Teresa's daughter Gia snorting coke, to point out to the OG housewife how rumors can hurt and potentially tear a family apart. Unfortunately, Teresa didn't get the analogy and began lashing out at Jackie. Jackie, on the other hand, is going to extreme lengths to prove that her husband isn't having any affairs. After watching how Jackie was reacting to the whole situation, fans are beginning to wonder if the rumors of Evan cheating might actually be true.


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Ever since then things have been going downhill for Jackie. Her close friend Margaret Josephs' husband Joe Benigno accidentally ended up confirming that the rumors of Evan cheating have been doing rounds for a while. Also, Jackie's insistence on Teresa apologizing to Evan and admitting that she was spreading baseless rumors, while continuing to joke about never giving Evan blowjobs, left fans convinced that maybe Evan was actually cheating on her.

A fan tweeted, "Every time Jackie makes a joke about how she DOESN’T give BJs to Evan, I get a little more convinced that he cheated. What kind of frigid person would publicly humiliate her own husband like that??? #RHONJ." Another fan wrote, "Evan absolutely cheated. Nobody believed Teresa till Jackie started acting like a dramatic asshole probably shouldn’t of boasted she don’t give blowjobs #RHONJ."




Jackie's bizarre insistence on everybody siding with her and admitting that Evan wasn't having any affair didn't sit well with fans. A fan shared, "Evan must have cheated lol because why are we still talking about this, girl? #RHONJ." Another said, "Lmao!!! We ALL believe Evan cheated!!!! Hahaha #RHONJ." One more echoed, "The way they are harping on this, Evan must’ve cheated #RHONJ." One fan pointed out, "With the way Jackie and Evan have been acting, I believe that Evan cheated. #rhonj."





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