Are Dolores Catania and David Principe still dating? 'RHONJ' star storms off after Joe Gorga calls her 'broken'

Are Dolores Catania and David Principe still dating? 'RHONJ' star storms off after Joe Gorga calls her 'broken'
'RHONJ' star Dolores Catania with her boyfriend David Principe (Bravo)

Dolores Catania's non-traditional relationship with her boyfriend David Principe has yet again managed to pique the interest of her 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' co-stars. Although the housewife has been dating David for a while now, she is yet to get an engagement ring from him. The previous season of 'RHONJ' featured David declaring that he would give Dolores the ring once his house's renovation work was done so that she could move in with him. Dolores was happy with her doctor boyfriend's suggestion.

But the house's renovation work was done and dusted, yet the promised ring was nowhere in sight. Instead of badgering her boyfriend for the ring, Dolores decided that she didn't want the ring or the proposal anymore and shifted her focus on just continuing to enjoy her relationship with David and cherish every moment with him. It looks like David appreciates this change in Dolores' perspective as he gifted her a Porsche on her birthday. While the housewife was pleased with the gift and the way things were panning out with David, her co-stars, unfortunately, don't seem to share the same opinion. Many of them, especially Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga felt that it was David's way of stalling and not proposing to Dolores. 



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Joe Gorga labeled 'RHONJ' star Dolores Catania 'damaged and broken' (Bravo)

When Dolores got the wind of what her co-stars were saying about her relationship behind her back, the housewife wasn't pleased. When she confronted them about it, Joe got all defensive and declared that Dolores was 'broken' and 'damaged'. He blamed her ex-husband Frank Catania Sr for it, and pointed out that she wasn't actually happy or satisfied in her relationship with David and was just settling. Dolores got furious and stormed out after slamming them for judging her relationship and talking about it behind her back. The housewife has time and again continued to defend her relationship with David despite several rumors doing rounds that the couple split up. So, in case you're wondering if the couple is still together, we got you covered.


Are David and Dolores still together?



As of February 2021, Dolores revealed that David and she are still together. The housewife also squashed the baseless rumors about her split by explaining what exactly might have led everybody to believe it. According to Distractify, the housewife revealed that a journalist overheard a conversation that she was having with some other women about her split with Frank Catania and mistook it for her breakup with David, thus causing the confusion. She said, "I was giving these young girls advice, and as I was doing it, this lady walked in and I was like ‘you know, I went through a bad breakup.’ But that was like seven years ago!” 


It looks like all is well in Dolores' life and her non-traditional relationship. 

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