Rhonda Exum: 'Disappointed' mom of Texas teen killed by immigrant regrets voting for Biden

'Truth be told, this was literally my first time voting and I voted for you, and I feel disappointed right now,' Exum said

                            Rhonda Exum: 'Disappointed' mom of Texas teen killed by immigrant regrets voting for Biden
Rhonda Exum slammed President Joe Biden's administration (Photo by Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images, Fox News)

The new improvised immigration rules are now posing serious threats to American society and its security, claims a bereaved mother who lost her daughter in a car accident in 2020. Rhonda Exum, the mother of a 19-year-old, said, "she is 'disappointed' with Biden's new border policies" that will now let an illegal immigrant accused of killing her 19-year-old daughter in a hit-and-run car crash in Texas in November 2020 no longer face deportation.

Rhonda Exum was recently talking to Fox news along with a panel of victims of crime by illegal immigrants pointing out the fact that the Biden administration miserably failed to control the flow of illegal immigrants to the country. "My message is, look out for the American people first! Truth be told, this was literally my first time voting and I voted for you, and I feel disappointed right now" when asked what she would tell Biden's team when it comes to border policies.


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Heriberto Fuerte-Padilla, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was driving drunk in November 2020 when he caused a car crash in Texas, killing 19-year-old Adrienne Sophia. The accused tried to flee the scene but was caught by police.


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initially wanted authorities to deport Fuerte-Padilla after Texas issued its punishment but the federal agency changed its mind because the accused does not qualify for priority deportation under new rules issued in September 2021 to try and lower the number of removals. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently introduced new rules that changed the priority of what illegal immigrant criminals to deport. Many deportation requests were canceled for illegal immigrants who are accused, charged, pleaded guilty to felony charges of evading arrest or even those who have already been convicted of drunk driving, drug possession or domestic assault.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told Texas that these detainers – or requests for deportation – are no longer considered 'priority lifts', indicating they aren't seen as important targets under Mayorkas' rules. More serious crimes, according to Mayorkas, include illegal immigrants who pose a national security or public safety risk or who are recent border jumpers.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

According to Mayorkas, the need for deportation in the United States is not just based on the fact that a person is residing in the country illegally. "The fact an individual is a removable noncitizen, therefore, should not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them. We will use our discretion and focus our enforcement resources in a more targeted way. Justice and our country's well-being require it" he added.

The latest reports on immigrants state that there has been a lot of aggressive attempts by the people to cross the international borders. Migration at the southern border has hit record numbers since Joe Biden took office and installed Mayorkas as head of addressing national security, which includes overseeing agencies that deal with the border the US shares with Mexico.

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