‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Emily’s husband Shane offers some relationship advice to Gina

RHOC got to see another side of Shane Simpson as he helped Gina out of a guilt trip forced by her ex-husband Matt.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Emily’s husband Shane offers  some relationship advice to Gina

Emily Simpson’s husband, Shane Simpson, has earned himself the well-deserved title of the “worst husband” on this season’s RHOC. His terrible attitude and behavior towards Emily were hands down the most painful scenes to watch on the show. Despite his awful behavior towards her, Emily still stood by her husband Shane, claiming that he’s a good person. We didn’ really get to see that side of Shane yet, until the recently aired episode 10, where we say him being very nice and kind to his wife’s friend, Gina Kirschenheiter.
RHOC housewife Gina went out for lunch with Emily and Shane. In the middle of their conversations, Gina receives a text from her ex-husband, Matt. Matt was trying to guilt Gina for not attending one of their children’s football games. Gina breaks down at the table as she feels upset about her ex-husband accusing her of being a bad parent. Shane quickly jumps in with some amazing advice. He reminds Gina that even Matt is a parent and that’s alright if she couldn’t make it to the game. He then goes on to point out how Matt is trying to find her weak spots by pressing all the buttons that could trigger Gina, using a cow analogy. He surprised us all by showing his gentle and humane side.

 Fans were shocked to witness Shane being so nice to a woman. Several fans took to social media and tweeted their two cents. A fan wrote, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but Gina should listen to Shane. If there’s one guy who knows about making his wife feel bad about herself, it’s Shane. #rhoc”. Another fan who agreed with Shane’s advice tweeted, “Wow. Look at Shane giving out logical & rational advice. Hopefully, Gina heard that bc he did make a good point #RHOC”. It is hard to believe that this usually cold and aloof guy who is terrible to his wife was being so nice to another woman. “#RHOC GOD ALMIGHTY! SHANE IS RIGHT! What in the hell? Alternate world alert”, wrote a shocked fan.
Fans are still unable to wrap their heads around Shane being nice. “When did asshole Shane become the voice of reason? #RHOC”, expressed a fan. “Damn. Shane is actually being decent. Did I say that?  #RHOC”, echoed another fan. Several fans couldn’t help but wonder why Shane couldn’t be like that with his wife. “Why is Shane nicer to Gina than he is to his own wife?? #RHOC”.
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