‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Shane continues to treat Emily badly and fans wonder if she's set the bar too low

Emily Simpson hypes up her husband's little gestures so much that fans can't help but wonder if Emily's bar for a good husband is that low.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Shane continues to treat Emily badly and fans wonder if she's set the bar too low

Emily Simpson decided to just let her hair down and have fun for her 10 year wedding anniversary celebrations. The housewife initially planned to perform a burlesque show for her husband at Las Vegas, but when he turned it down saying he wouldn’t be comfortable with it, instead of canceling her plans Emily decided to go ahead with her plan but instead of performing for her husband, she tweaked her plans by asking her girlfriends and her in-laws to come to cheer for her.

So in episode 7, we saw Emily going ahead with her plans and putting up a brilliant performance. Her friends/fellow housewives Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn were sitting in the audience cheering for her. It was a bit bizarre to watch her in-laws cheering for her as she was displaying her sexy moves. Shane’s absence was felt by everybody. We couldn’t help but wonder why he wouldn’t step out of his comfort zone for a little bit to support his dear wife, who is going through all these efforts just to please him.

Emily Simpson decided to go ahead with her plans of putting on a burlesque show for her husband (Instagram)

A day after the show, Emily is seen sitting with her friends and in-laws discussing her amazing performance from the previous night, when Shane quietly walked in. It was just unbelievable to see him in the “sin city”. Emily rightfully pointed out in the confessional that “pigs must be flying, and hell must have frozen” since her husband Shane was in Vegas. Kelly’s hilarious comment in her confessional, however, won us over, when she said, “I’m shocked, the little dork showed up”. Shane tried his best to be nice to Emily. The keyword being 'tried.' He surprised her with a cheap bouquet of flowers and as usual, continued with his jabs at her.  While Emily seemed over the moon that he came to see her.

Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Wyndham-Burke go to Vegas to support Emily (Instagram)

Emily hyped her husband up for planning the trip without her help. She made it sound like booking a plane ticket and finding a babysitter is a herculean task. She seemed extremely content that Shane made the efforts to come see her. Even though he continued disrespecting Emily, like when Emily tried expressing that she was feeling “isolated” without him, he quickly made a snarky remark by asking if she meant that she was isolated in the presence of his parents and her friends, and then reminded her that it was her fault that she felt that way, since she chose to come to Vegas.
He then said that being married to Emily is extreme. We don’t know what exactly he meant by it, but we are confident that it wasn’t a compliment to her. Looking at the way Emily was treating Shane’s visit to Vegas, we couldn’t help but wonder, is Emily’s bar for a good husband that low? She is just happy that he showed up, mind you not even on the day of her performance, but a day later, while continuing to be a total jerk to her.

Fans are unhappy with Shane's behavior towards Emily (Instagram)

Fans too were quick to point out about Emily’s over-the-top reaction to Shane’s visit. A fan wrote, “Emily being proud of Shane for arranging care for his own children and buying a plane ticket. THE BAR IS ON THE FLOOR!!  She needs to take that banging bod, her bar-passing brain and find a man that’s worthy of her. Shane ain’t it. #RHOC”. Another fan encouraged Emily to take a good close look at her life before praising Shane for the bare minimum he does. “Emily, Emily, Emily... Girl, if you could look at yourself from outside yourself, you would see what a tragically low bar you set for Pustulent Toe AKA Shane. A merely average partner would've come with you, been there for your show, AND made all of the arrangements. #RHOC”.

Fans had a hard time digesting the fact that her in-laws flew all the way to Vegas to be there for their daughter-in-law, while her husband was MIA. A fan tweeted, “STOP!!!!! I can’t take this thing with Emily… So her geriatric in-laws flew to Vegas to watch Emily in a Lez dance for Shane who could care less? Is that right? Have I got that right?”

We strongly feel that Emily deserves better. A fan commented, “I second that Kelly! I am shocked that Shane showed up at all! Though it would have been nice if the little troll showed up to support his wife for her performance. Emily really deserves so much better! #RHOC”.
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