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'RHOBH': Lisa Rinna dubbed 'Karen' for alleged views on race in Bravo show

'Ummm so we just gonna speed past Rinna saying she didn’t want to hear about Race from Garcelle?? The gaslighting & reverse Uno I just saw,' wrote a 'RHOBH' fan
UPDATED OCT 14, 2021
'RHOBH' stars Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais during the show's reunion (Bravo)
'RHOBH' stars Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais during the show's reunion (Bravo)

The reunion for 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 11 kicked off on a pretty high note. The Beverly Hills ladies brought in their A-game not just with their glam but also the juicy drama that they delivered to us during the reunion. Despite enjoying a friendship that spans across two decades Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais' friendship hit the rocks when the duo couldn't see eye to eye on Denise Richards' situation on the show.

When rumors of Denise's alleged hookup with former 'RHOBH' star Brandi Glanville began doing rounds instead of giving her friend the benefit of doubt and trying to hear her side of the story, Rinna immediately believed the rumors and began pushing the 'Wild Things' actress to admit that she had hooked up with Brandi. Denise was beyond hurt by Rinna's actions and eventually quit the show. Garcelle, who stood firmly by Denise's side throughout the ordeal was very disappointed with Rinna's behavior and how she treated her friend. This put a strain on their friendship as Garcelle felt that she couldn't completely trust Rinna after watching how dirtily she played Denise. But Rinna was insistent on making peace with Garcelle and made several attempts to smoothen things out between them.


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'RHOBH' star Lisa Rinna (Bravo)

Although Garcelle agreed to keep her mind open to Rinna and their friendship, she still was struggling to trust her friend of two decades. Things got even worse between the two friends when Garcelle began feeling like Rinna didn't have her back and that she was being treated like an outsider. Instead of trying to understand and hear out Garcelle's concerns, Rinna got very defensive and was rude to Garcelle during the reunion. Garcelle, however, managed to shut down Rinna when she revealed that it was brought to her attention by someone that Rinna allegedly said she should have never brought race onto the show.

As soon as Garcelle revealed this all the ladies were tongue-tied. Rinna immediately denied ever making that statement and began acting really nicely to Garcelle. She sat next to Garcelle and began expressing how much she loved her and how she just wanted them to be friends more than anything else. Fans were beyond amused on watching Rinna sing a different tune as soon as she was accused of being racist and felt that she was only being nice to Garcelle because there might be some truth to it.

'RHOBH' star Garcelle Beauvais (Bravo)

A fan tweeted, " Garcelle read Rinna up and down and had her asking for forgiveness real quick makes me wonder if what they told her Rinna said is true #RHOBH." "Lisa Rinna getting angry about being “racist” confirms everything. Garcelle should’ve showed them texts. Anybody that gets mad about talking about race is undercover racist. B*tch needs to worry about her damn bootleg Kylie Lip Kits that ain’t even selling #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "The way I 100% believe rinna said that garcelle shouldn’t have brought race to the show. I can see that old ugly hag saying that sh*t #RHOBH." 





Fans also slammed Rinna for 'gaslighting' Garcelle. A fan shared, "Are Erika and Rinna really going full Karen and pointing their fingers at Garcelle when she talks about bringing up race on the show? Let’s call the ugly pony look “Karen” Rinna because this is some real BS!! Wow-so gross. #RHOBH."

"Ummm so we just gonna speed past Rinna saying she didn’t want to hear about Race from Garcelle?? The gaslighting & reverse Uno I just saw… #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion,"expressed a fan. "Rinna made the exact same face in S7 when got called on saying that Kim was “close to death” that she did tonight when she got called on saying she wished Garcelle never brought race into the show. Exact same face, because she was lying both times #RHOBH," pointed out a fan. 




'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 11 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on Bravo.