Lisa Rinna's bizarre comparison of rape and disloyalty in friendship puzzles 'RHOBH' fans

'Not Lisa Rinna equating Denise sleeping with Brandi to Harry Hamlin’s friend raping someone??' commented a fan

                            Lisa Rinna's bizarre comparison of rape and disloyalty in friendship puzzles 'RHOBH' fans
Lisa Rinna with her husband Harry Hamlin, and former 'RHOBH' star Denise Richards (Getty Images)

One thing that we can all collectively agree upon when it comes to 'Real Housewives' stars and analogies don't go well together. If you thought 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Jackie Goldschneider crossed a line when she used the analogy of her co-star Teresa Giudice's daughter using cocaine to drive home the point of how rumors can be damaging, then you might want to hold on and hear out 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Lisa Rinna's. 

Rinna is no stranger to stirring the pot on 'RHOBH', but nobody has held her accountable the way Garcelle Beauvais is doing. The previous season (Season 10) featured Lisa giving Denise Richards a hard time over Brandi Glanville's claims that they both hooked up.  Though Denise denied the rumors and insisted that there was no truth to Brandi's claims, somehow Rinna wasn't entirely convinced and bullied Denise mercilessly. Garcelle didn't appreciate the way Rinna treated Denise and called her out. Garcelle continued to call out Rinna even on ongoing Season 11 and repeatedly pointed out to Rinna that she was a 'disloyal friend'. On the recently aired episode of 'RHOBH' Rinna tried to justify her decision of being hard on Denise by bringing up a very bizarre analogy that her husband Harry Hamlin shared with her.


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Lisa Rinna (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Rinna revealed to the ladies that she thought and reflected a lot of how things went down between Denise and her. She even reportedly discussed it with her husband, Harry. When he heard her concerns and views, he reportedly shared a story with her which he believed might help Rinna feel better about her actions. Rinna then began narrating the story and shared how many years ago Harry met up with a very close friend for drinks. After they had drinks, the friend reportedly left and raped a woman that night. When the friend was put behind bars for it, all their friends decided to be supportive of their imprisoned friend and visit him and let him know that they stood by him. But Harry reportedly refused to stand by his friend or show his support.

When Rinna shared the story, all the ladies were tongue-tied. However, Garcelle was puzzled and wondered why Rinna was comparing Denise's situation with Harry's friend raping a woman. Fans too sided with Garcelle and were confused while trying to understand how the rape story was relevant to Rinna being a bad friend. A fan tweeted, "Not Lisa Rinna equating Denise sleeping with Brandi to Harry Hamlin’s friend raping someone??? #RHOBH." "Is Rinna comparing Denise and Brandi having consensual sex to a friend of Harry Hamlin being a convicted f***ing rapist are you SERIOUS LISA RINNA? #rhobh," wrote a shocked fan. Another fan commented, "On what planet were Lisa Rinna’s story about Harry and his friend comparable to what happened with Denise last season? #RHOBH."




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Fans also felt that Rinna was trying to 'reach' by comparing the two unrelated situations. A fan expressed, "We've had our fair share of "you're reaching" moments across all franchises.... Lisa Rinna comparing a rape case with her disloyalty of friendship with Denise because of who she may/may have not slept with ranks really high. At this point, she loves the tone of her voice."

"Hold the f***ing phone: Denise lying to you is analogous to RAPE?!! Shut the f**k up, Lisa Rinna. @Andy, cut her too, me and @caseyrosewilson are over it. #RHOBH," declared a fan.



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