'RHOBH': Brandi explains her hookup with Denise, fans say she's lying as her 'throuple offer was rejected'

Fans refuse to believe Brandi's story about her alleged hookup with Denise after she was shown expressing her desire to be in a throuple with Denise and her husband

                            'RHOBH': Brandi explains her hookup with Denise, fans say she's lying as her 'throuple offer was rejected'
Denise Richards , Aaron Phyphers, Brandi Glanville (Getty Images)

Brandi Glanville finally revealed all the sordid details of her alleged hookup with 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Denise Richards. Before going into the details, the former housewife began crying about how she despises cheating and cheaters but became one after being tricked by Denise. 

She then shared all the details to Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp and Kim Richards. Brandi explains how she met Denise last year and they instantly hit it off. After their first meeting itself, the ladies reportedly made out but Brandi didn't think much of it because they both were drunk. 

After that Denise reportedly kept in touch with Brandi and invited her to the sets of one of her shoots. The 'Wild Things' actress allegedly insisted on Brandi sharing a bedroom with her and later made her sleep in the same bed instead of a roll-over bed she had promised to arrange for Brandi. Later that night, Denise reportedly made a move on her but Brandi claims that she was extremely uncomfortable because Denise's kids were around. The actress reportedly warned Brandi not to talk about their hookup to anybody because her husband, Aaron Phyphers, would kill her if he got to know. 


While Brandi's story about her hookup totally enthralled the housewives, fans however had their share of doubts and questions over the incident. Many fans refused to believe Brandi's story because the same episode also featured Brandi declaring to Denise and her husband, Aaron, that she wanted to be a "throuple" with them. So, fans took to their Twitter to question Brandi's claims.

A fan tweeted, "So Brandi was feeling super uncomfortable around Denise, but still asked to be a throuple with Denise and Aaron?!? Somethings not adding up here!!! #RHOBH." Another fan wrote, "#RHOBH WTF. Who could believe Brandi and the things she is saying happened between her and Denise after seeing that see of drunken branding wishing she could have a throuple with Denise and Aaron. Brandi clearly made the lie from that fantasy."

"#RHOBH Brandi out here acting like a victim when she slapped denises a**, and said she wanted to be in a Throuple with Aaron and Denise. Then leads to Kyle inviting her in and spewing all these lies," commented a fan. Another fan expressed, "Wait... so Brandi was soooo upset with Denise that she didn’t want to see her, but then tells her she wants to be in a throuple? And then this story only comes out when her throuple offer is rejected? Somethings not adding up... #RHOBH."

"Brandi's hot mess express a** wanted to be a throuple with Denise & Aaron one minute then in the next minute she is putting on a performance about how she feels so terrible about supposedly sleeping with Denise, a married woman! Stop playing girl! #RHOBH," advised a fan. Another fan shared, "So Brandi felt sooooo bad about supposedly hooking up with Denise, that she then tells her & Aaron that she wanted to be a throuple with them #liar #TeamDenise #RHOBH."

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