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Paris Hilton snubs aunt Kyle Richards, 'RHOBH' fans say 'someone check to see if Kyle is still breathing'

As she lists her 'RHOBH' cast favorites, Paris Hilton appears to be trashing Aunt Kyle Richards by not including her
Paris Hilton might just be siding with her mother since Kyle and Kathy have a falling out this season (Instagram/parishilton/kylerichards18)
Paris Hilton might just be siding with her mother since Kyle and Kathy have a falling out this season (Instagram/parishilton/kylerichards18)

Paris Hilton might be the next shade queen! Fans called out the iconic reality star for potentially deriding her own aunt Kyle Richards when she uploaded a photo of her "favorite" 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' cast that didn't include Kyle!

Paris' tweet from August 17 stated, “My faves, Love you Queens,” and included tags for the 'RHOBH' cast members who were in the photo that included Paris' mother, Kathy Hilton, Crystal Kung-Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, and Garcelle Beauvais. The 'Simple Life' star might just be siding with her mother since Kyle and Kathy have a falling out this season. Even though the episode has yet to be broadcasted, 'RHOBH' teasers have featured Lisa Rinna telling Kathy, “You said something about this beautiful sister of yours. I’m sorry, Kathy. You’re not going to get away with it.”


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Kathy has spoken out about the turmoil, telling E!, "I said certain things about Kyle that I shouldn't have said.  It was how I was feeling. I never said anything about Lisa. I said them to Lisa, and it was off camera. I think she just was unhappy that I said anything. And that’s her business. I should not have said anything," she continued. "And I did apologize and apologize. Thankfully, I’m now in a better place with Kyle.”

Kyle mentioned the disagreement when she talked about having her family drama aired on TV, as Kyle and Kathy's other sister, Kim Richards was also part of the cast. “When my sister Kim was on, it was great, and then it was awful,” Kyle told Australia's 'The Morning Show', “It was one of the worst times on the show for me ever. With Kathy, I was like, ‘It’s gonna be great, we’re gonna have fun.'" She added, "and we really did last season. And of course, something happened this season, but we are sisters, we’re blood, so we’ll always come back together again at the end of the day.”

Even though Kathy insists she and Kyle are well, people applaud Paris for calling out her aunt on social media. Making fun of the incident, a fan tweeted, "Someone check to see if Kyle is still breathing. Paris has spoken! #RHOBH." While another tweeted, "Kyle set her own sister up this year to be "cancelled" due to her own bitter jealousy of Kathy's popularity last year. I'm sure that is obvious to Paris, and whatever their past issues, her mother is still her mother. Kyle has been flaunting her "Paris's aunt" status for years." Another fan said, "Paris really said “aunty Kyle who.” Not sure of Paris's motive behind her shade, a fan questioned, "Is Paris anti-bullies? Or, mad at the way Kyle treated her mom in Aspen?"





Paris Hilton and Kyle Richards (BravoTV)
Paris Hilton and Kyle Richards (BravoTV)

Waiting for a statement from the sisters, a fan wrote, "Paris is starting to rally around her mom on SM right now, which she should. This is another indication that something big is about to go down. I am dying to know how Kyle responds. Will she stand with her sister? Or is she going to toss another sister to the wolves?" A fan pointed out how Paris has been reacting on social media regarding her stance on the dispute, "It’s very telling how Paris Hilton liked a cast pic that wasn’t including Kyle and a comment about how Kyle prides herself on being Paris aunt."

Cheering on Paris, another fan tweeted, "Family is not important in Kyle's life. She treated Kim horrible knowing she had problems. Her BFF LVP went down because Kyle called her a liar. Seeing commercial where Rinna disrespects Kathy, way to go Paris--sorry you are just seeing Kyle this way." Calling Kyle thirsty for fame, a fan wrote, "Remember when Kyle went on tv and did every single Hilton family interview and isn’t even a Hilton? Lol I bet Paris can’t stand her thirsty aunt #KyleRichards."





However, there have been Kyle's supporters too amidst the whole turmoil, "I could care less what Paris Hilton says… I will not stand for a proven racist and homophobic’s opinion about @KyleRichards Amazing how easily fans will forget about that if it means hating on Kyle. #RHOBH." Calling out fans for siding with Paris on this, a Twitter user wrote, "U guys are such idiots. why in 2022 are y’all still romanticizing family like this? don’t pretend like your family dynamics is perfect, there’s no such a thing, so what if paris tweeted this? they’ve never been close. y’all just love hating on kyle while falling for kathy’s BS."



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