'RHOBH': Did Tom Girardi get into an accident while cheating on Erika Jayne? Fans do the math

Fans poked holes in Erika's story about Tom's accident. Viewers said the math just isn't adding up

                            'RHOBH': Did Tom Girardi get into an accident while cheating on Erika Jayne? Fans  do the math
Erika Jayne stars on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' ([email protected])

The last few episodes of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' have seen Erika Jayne get used to a whole new life and her life continues to be downsized as on the latest episode she is forced to give up her clubhouse and talks about the pressures of being on a budget. But not everyone on a modest budget gets to spend time at a desert clubhouse with her friends as the housewives visit Kyle's La Quinta clubhouse for a change of scene. 

On the girls' trip Erika talks about how in spite of the rumors that her divorce is a sham, she has left Tom. She says that it is difficult however to see that Tom is struggling, especially after it has come to light that Tom Girardi is now undergoing medical evaluation to ascertain if he understands the implications of what he has done, after allegations that Tom and Erika embezzled settlement funds meant to help the families of victims on the Lion Air Flight 610 crash. This sympathy Erika seems to have for Tom soon becomes more difficult to believe as she claims that Tom was cheating on her and while he was cheating on her, met with a car accident that supposedly altered his personality and mental abilities. 


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However since the housewives were earlier told by Erika that Tom had just hurt his clavicle in the car crash, you could see that they were starting to wonder about all the twists and turns in the story. So were the fans. One fan tweeted, "Sorry i just went deaf hearing that made up story about how tom girardi had a head injury from driving off a cliff (?) and breaking his ankle and clavicle then being found after 12 hours of unconsciousness by erika.....i can no longer understand words in any meaningful way #rhobh"



Another fan concurred saying, "So Erika Jayne thinks her partner got into an accident while cheating on her? Where have I heard this doped up paranoia before? #RHOBH"



Fans couldn't help but notice plenty of gaps in this story. One fan tweeted, "First Erika said she found Tom unconscious, now she’s saying Tom called her after the accident #rhobh"



Another fan concurred tweeting, "Tom drove off a cliff and was unconscious for 12hrs, Erika knows because she found him...next sentence: Tom rolled out of the car off a cliff and called Erika... #RHOBH"



Fans felt that the more Erika shared the more tangled a web she wove for herself. One fan tweeted, "The more Erika reveals, the more that the math ain’t mathing with all of this #RHOBH"



What further web will Erika find herself entangled in as the season goes on. To find out you can catch the latest episodes of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' on Bravo. 

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