Is Erika Jayne trying to 'play victim' after Tom Girardi divorce? 'RHOBH' fans say 'b***h stop'

'If anyone feels sorry for Erika right now, they need their head examined #RHOBH,' commented a fan

                            Is Erika Jayne trying to 'play victim' after Tom Girardi divorce? 'RHOBH' fans say 'b***h stop'
'RHOBH' star Erika Jayne worried about how life after divorce with Tom Girardi is going to be (Bravo)

The recently aired episode of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' left fans fuming at Erika Jayne. The housewife finally spoke about her decision to file divorce from her husband Tom Girardi. But the way the housewife approached the subject, left the show's fans feeling upset and disappointed.

Erika explained to her fellow housewives that she had to take such an extreme step because she couldn't take it anymore. Although she didn't directly mention what exactly was the last straw between the estranged couple, the housewife kept saying that Tom controlled everything and despite several attempts when things didn't get any better, she decided it was time for her to leave. She described it as a "hard week" as she had to give up her lavish life with Tom which came with a 16,000 sqft mansion, her Lamborghini and a lot of other things behind while walking away from her marriage.


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The housewife also explained in her confessional about the poor treatment she was subject to in the hands of the disgraced attorney. She revealed that once when she was late to a dinner party due to traffic, one of the guests at the dinner reportedly made a snide comment about how Erika would never be stuck in traffic if she was married to a more powerful and influential man. In response to the comment, Tom reportedly said that the person who made the comment could have Erika if he can "afford" her. 

The housewife also shared how she was very scared and apprehensive due to her the uncertainty and instability that came with her walking out of her marriage. Her new 2,000 sqft house was shown and Erika was featured trying to set up her home. The housewife's attempts at portraying how difficult and hard her life is going to be following her decision to split from Tom didn't sit well with Fans.

Many fans found it hard to feel sorry for Erika. A fan tweeted, "If anyone feels sorry for Erika right now, they need their head examined #RHOBH." Another fan wrote, "I KNOW Erika isn't trying to play the victim in all of this ! #RHOBH." "Having a hard time feeling sorry for a Erika. This feels like the first practice run on her defense. #RHOBH #BravoTV," commented a fan.




Tom Girardi with his wife Erika Jayne (Bravo)


Angry fans also pointed out how Erica's so-called troubles pale in comparison to what Tom's victims might be going through. A fan explained, "I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH ERIKA JAYNE TWIST THIS TALE TO KEEP RUNNING AWAY WITH THESE PEOPLES MONEY! Stop you alleged thieving h****y! This sh*t ain’t right #rhobh Last year she swore Tom was the greatest man in the world, now he’s selling her off to the highest bidder. B**** STOP!." "The courage to leave a house being taken by the court to pay Tom's victims. So brave #RHOBH," shared a fan. Another fan added, "Watching her explain how frightening it is to be on her own, all I think about is the people who were actually victimized and left on their own by her husband and possibly her. #rhobh."





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