Scott Wagner attacks Joe Biden with 'Making Taliban Great Again' billboards across PA

Company via which the billboards reading 'Making Taliban Great Again' with POTUS holding rocket launcher were bought said it was Wagner who paid

                            Scott Wagner attacks Joe Biden with 'Making Taliban Great Again' billboards across PA
Scott Wagner has purchased 12 billboards across Pennsylvania with Joe Biden's photo in Taliban military wear and a message 'Making the Taliban Great Again' (Twitter)

Joe Biden's face is all over Pennsylvania courtesy of a former Senator who has funded 12 billboards locally with the words "Making the Taliban Great Again". The man in question is Scott Wagner, who identifies as a Republican and represented a district that includes York County from 2014 to 2018 said he has "several reasons" for propagating the message across Pennsylvania. 

Biden has been on the receiving end of criticism from civilians as well as people in power in the country and the backlash is not isolated to America. Biden's stance on the crisis that unfolded in Afghanistan has been perceived as a poorly handled situation globally. A lot of strong opinions have been put forth by people over social media, and Wagner pushed it a notch higher by putting a photograph of Biden in Taliban military gear alongside the scathing message. 


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Who is Scott Wagner?

The company through which the billboards with Biden holding a rocket launcher were purchased confirmed it was Scott Wagner who paid for those. Wagner is a former state senator and 2018 gubernatorial candidate. That same year he made national headlines for all the wrong reasons while still in the race to be Pennsylvania's next governor. Wagner was trailing behind by a huge margin as none of the independent voters chose to side by him. Gov. Tom Wolf, the Democratic incumbent was much ahead holding a double-digit lead throughout the campaign. 

Wagner had delivered a threatening message to Wolf back then during a Facebook Live. "Governor Wolf, let me tell you, between now and November 6th, you better put a catcher's mask on your face because I'm gonna stomp all over your face with golf spikes because I'm gonna win this for the state of Pennsylvania, and we're throwing you out of office because you know what, I'm sick and tired of your negative ads," Wagner said. He did apologize for his comments later saying, "I shouldn't have said what I said." He was branded "unhinged" by Wolf's campaign for what was said. "Mr. Wagner does have a long violent, insulting, bullying past and it is not just one incident," Wagner's primary challenger Paul Mango said. 

Scott Wagner's thought behind putting up the billboard 

In an email to Fox News, Wagner wrote, "The pull out rushed through by President Biden had made us the laughing stock of the world. The Taliban are openly stating that they ran the United States out of Afghanistan – they are now very emboldened." Wagner added, "young people have experienced since we landed in their country will be taken away now that the Taliban is in control.

"What do we say to families who lost loved ones in the Middle East – the country these people served and died for left Afghanistan with its tail between its legs," he told Fox News. "It seems that President Biden was hell-bent on rushing out of Afghanistan – his ego and lack on information is going to prove to be very bad for the United States," he added and confirmed the billboards will be up for two months. 

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