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'Renovation Island': Fans warm up to Sarah after watching Bryan's condescending behavior towards her

'Sarah not taking brian sh*t no more on renovation island lmao,' said a fan
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

When fans first started watching 'Renovation Island', they were instantly put off by Sarah Baeumler. Several fans in the past even expressed how the show would be a lot better and the renovation work on 'Renovation Island' would progress at a much better pace if Sarah was removed from the picture.

Right from her dressing to her attitude, everything seemed to rub the viewers the wrong way. However, after watching the latest episode of 'Renovation Island', fans have begun to reconsider their earlier statements and have started warming up to her. The finale episode of HGTV's hit show saw Bryan and Sarah working very hard to get the resort ready before the grand opening. While Bryan is responsible for handling the operations and the construction work, Sarah handles the hospitality and the interior designing side of the work. The couple's polarizing views on how to go about the renovation work has always been a constant source of friction between the couple and one of the central plotlines of the show.

While Sarah emphasizes a lot on the guests' experience and comforts, Bryan prefers paying attention to the business side of the operations, thus focusing on generating revenue. With just a few days left for the opening, the couple is under a lot of pressure to complete all the work, and be ready to welcome the guests. But they end up locking horns while deciding on which project to complete first. Sarah insists that Bryan first complete the renovation of the clubhouse and the reception area before moving onto the guests' bedrooms. Sarah points out that the guests will first enter the reception-clubhouse area before going to their rooms, so it needs to look very welcoming. While Bryan thinks that it is more important for the guests to have a bed rather than a fancy clubhouse.

The two get into a huge argument, with Bryan labeling her "grouchy", and accusing her of "playing tennis and drinking tea" while he was hard at work. When fans watched the heated exchange between the couple, they felt really sorry for Sarah and slammed Bryan for his condescending tone. A fan tweeted, "I’m not Sarah’s biggest fan, but Bryan was being condescending  #RenovationIsland."


Another fan wrote, "Ok. I admit. I started off not a Sarah fan. But I'm 180 now. She has no "sisters" there. Bryan's eye rolls and the overall male condescension makes me root for her. There. I've said it. #RenovationIsland."


"Ok so now I started #renovationisland and I can’t decide if I like Bryan? It feels a little like he’s dismissive of Sarah which is bugging me..." expressed a fan.


"Sarah not taking brian sh*t no more on renovation island lmao," joked a fan.


"Does anyone else think the Husband on Renovation Island is super condescending and kind of a d8ck??" wondered a fan.


'Renovation Island' special behind the scenes episode airs on Sunday, August 23, at 8/7c on HGTV.