'Renovation Island': Sarah's constant last-minute changes turn irksome, annoyed fans call her 'a spoiled brat'

'Renovation Island' fans are not pleased with Sarah Baeumler's constant complaining and last minute changes to design ideas

                            'Renovation Island': Sarah's constant last-minute changes turn irksome, annoyed fans call her 'a spoiled brat'
Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)

HGTV's latest show 'Renovation Island' has managed to elicit a range of emotions from its audience. Fans have in the past complained about how the show was making them feel very anxious and stressed out while watching it. Now, from stress and anxiety, fans have begun feeling annoyed and irritated. In case you're wondering what made the fans jump ship, then read on.

'Renovation Island' follows Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's ambitious project of renovating an old, rundown resort in the Bahamas into a swanky, tourist hotspot. The couple is under a tight deadline and on a limited budget, so they have to be extremely judicious with every move they make. While Bryan is responsible for handling the operations part of the renovation work, Sarah oversees the designing aspect and the hospitality side of the resort.

Over the past few episodes, we have seen Sarah and Bryan constantly lock horns over their vastly different vision and outlook towards the resort. While Bryan's focus is on opening up the resort to the guests as soon as possible, so that they can generate some income to continue the renovation work, Sarah's focus is on enhancing the guest's stay experience in the resort and ensuring that everything is perfect. 

The couple's constant arguments even stem from Sarah's constant change of ideas. She keeps coming up with new vision and ideas for a particular room, which throws off Bryan and the other renovation crew members. Also Sarah's attention to every minute detail gets to Bryan and apparently even fans. After watching the past few episodes, fans have expressed their disinterest in watching Sarah constantly make last-minute changes and complaint about everything.

A fan tweeted, "@hgtv #RenovationIsland Sarah has worked my last nerve with all of her damn demands!!! But she gets sh*t done though!! That was a nice party they had for the staff."


Another fan wrote, "#RenovationIsland I liked Bryan until his wife appeared on the scene. She is whiney and has ridiculous taste and is generally not likeable as a tv personality."


"I love the show except for Sarah she is way too opinionated in her style and half the time it is totally wrong I mean who’s money are we playing with anyhow she considers her self a interior designer then shut up until it is ready for furniture #RenovationIsland," expressed a fan.



"@hgtv Sarah is such a spoiled brat & beatch. It's all about her- what she wants, when she wants it, how she wants it. I'd like the show if she wasn't on it. How can her husband even stand to be on an island with her is beyond me. Renovation Island needs her voted off the island," shared an annoyed fan.



'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 9/8c only on HGTV.

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