'Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton': Hosts Joe and Meg Piercy run design firm for restoration jobs

'Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton': Hosts Joe and Meg Piercy run design firm for restoration jobs
Joe and Meg Piercy transform homes on a budget (Instagram @megmade)

'Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton,' the show for creative minds, will leave you buzzing at the end of each episode. Watch Joe and Meg Piercy, two famous home designers who run a restoration firm, bring a dash of brightness and pleasure to their clients' living spaces with customized designs. Joe and Meg Piercy have built a thriving design and remodeling firm located on the wealth of 'gems' they discover in their clients' houses.

In each episode of the HGTV show, the husband-and-wife duo will refurbish Chicago homes with their unique touch, giving new life to old furniture and other items that the clients already possess, so that the money saved may go toward providing these families the home makeovers they've always desired. But who are Joe and Meg Piercy, the renovating couple? Here's all you need to know about them.


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Owners of MegMade

Meg Piercy and her husband, Joe, are the founders of MegMade, and they love to show homeowners that renovations can be done on a budget. That's exactly what their new show, 'Renovation Goldmine,' does. The duo repurposes old furniture and other items that have been sitting unused in their clients' houses, saving money that they can go toward giving them the homes they've always wanted.


You'll find Meg and Joe Piercy doing DIY projects around their house, taking care of their three sons, or going to a new area to spend the weekend with their family when they're not at MegMade painting a piece of furniture or redecorating a home. This down-to-earth mother and father duo enjoy spending time with their sons at home, but they are also relentless when it comes to pursuing their aspirations, and developing MegMade. MegMade's tagline is "A HOME LIKE NO OTHER", and it is the ultimate motivation behind everything they accomplish. MegMade pledges to make your furniture and home décor unique, to fit your style and personality, with their large menu of choices when it comes to customizations. They feel that each house should suit the family that lives there, and you should have a home that is totally tailored for you.

Who is Meg Piercy?

Meg Piercy is a graduate of the University of Kansas and was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. She has midwestern origins but has always wanted to live in a big city. Meg left her birthplace and headed to Chicago, Illinois, after graduating with a degree in journalism and strategic communications. She was searching for the thrill that only a major city can provide, and she had no idea that she would be establishing new ties that would last a lifetime. Meg works with fire, and she wishes that her customers appreciate that. With all of the chaos that goes on behind the scenes at MegMade, her favorite part is seeing the "after" result of her refurbished pieces, since that's when you can fully see and admire everything the piece has to offer.


Who is Joe Piercy?

Joe Piercy, who was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, and graduated from the University of Illinois with an accounting degree, has always been the star of the show in Illinois. Joe is a delight to not only his family but to everyone he meets. Joe, a previous homecoming king in high school and one of his proudest achievements, continues to exhibit his impact and leadership with Meg at MegMade to this day. Joe simply wishes that people could see how much care and attention MegMade devotes to each and every project. He enjoys “get his hands dirty” and being a part of the process that brings a thing to reality. Joe is constantly eager to get things done, he exudes pleasant energy unlike any other, and he has a half-full attitude. Joe is and has always been a family man. Joe is first and foremost a father, then an entrepreneur, and that is and always will be the key driver behind everything he does.



Its been more than 12 years since the couple got married. Joe posted a picture on their anniversary with a caption that reads, "Can’t believe 12 years ago we got married! Happy anniversary (even if it’s a day late) So much has changed but some things stay the same…and that I just love doing life with you! Your the best wife and mom a guy could have!
Love Joe"


'Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton' Eight-Episode Season Premieres Saturday, April 30, at 8 p.m. ET/PT

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