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Nicole Curtis’ ex-husband Shane Maguire demands her lawyer be removed amid messy custody battle

According to Shane Maguire, a lawyer representing him had now joined the legal firm representing Nicole Curtis' and this may be bad for him
Nicole Curtis' ex-husband Shane Maguire has demanded that the lawyers represeting her be removed (Getty Images)
Nicole Curtis' ex-husband Shane Maguire has demanded that the lawyers represeting her be removed (Getty Images)

DETRIOT, MICHIGAN: HGTV star Nicole Curtis’ court battle with her ex-husband Shane Maguire over the custody of their six-year-old son Harper, witnessed a bizarre twist after Maguire demanded Curtis’ lawyer to be removed from their case.

Maguire, in July, dragged Curtis back to court over alleged issues he had been having with her while co-parenting their son. At that time, he demanded some modifications in the custody agreement and rules while claiming that his ex-wife had made his life hard. Now, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the American-born entrepreneur has demanded the court to disqualify her law firm Skarin Law Group from the case.


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Maguire explained that since October 2021, he has been represented by Land Legal Group, which employed attorney Erin Brown. However, the lawyer recently joined Skarin Law Group which was currently representing Nicole. “In this case, Ms. Brown was the lead associate attorney representing [Shane]. The probability exists that Ms. Brown has obtained information that could be used advantageously against [Shane] in the pending litigation,” the motion read. Shane has also demanded $5,000 in sanctions from Curtis' law firm.

Before this demand, Maguire called Curtis back in court and requested modification in certain provisions in their custody agreement. The pair, in 2018, reached a settlement and agreed to share legal custody of their son to avoid a nasty trial. The agreement said neither was allowed to talk negatively about the other in front of their son or attempt to alienate him from the other. However, Maguire said the original agreement was made when Harper was just three but now that he was six things have changed since he was in school.

He said Curtis “travels with Harper during her custodial time, often taking red-eye flights, and returning Harper home in the late night/early morning hours the eve of a school day." "This is not good for our son and he has expressed to me on numerous occasions that he does not like getting him [sic] so late before a school day," Maguire reportedly said.

He added that he also wanted all social media restrictions removed and a Halloween schedule put in place. “The current orders are not working because Nicole makes every single Halloween a miserable ordeal for all of us, including Harper. For several years, I have allowed Nicole to dictate where, when and with whom we spend Halloween with Harper in an effort to avoid the inevitable blowout when Nicole doesn’t get her way,” Maguire further stated.

“However, with Harper now attending school full time and wanting to end Nicole’s dictatorship over Halloween, I refused to allow Harper to attend the party. I invited her to come trick or treating with me, Harper, and my wife Megan so as to follow the current orders, and she did come with us. Of course, Nicole made it miserable for everyone and dictated the entire evening to the extent she could,” Maguire went on to say.

The HGTV star denied the modifications in response and claimed to work overtime to follow their agreement. She said it had been “difficult to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with [Shane].” However, a hearing has been set for November where the exes will face off.