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'Out of his lane': Redditor reignites debate on manspreading with post about harrowing four-hour flight

The post by u/EmilyKauai on the subreddit r/MildlyInfuriating has garnered more than 9000 comments
The picture posted by the flyer (u/EmilyKauai/Reddit)
The picture posted by the flyer (u/EmilyKauai/Reddit)

A traveller has gone ahead and made her displeasure known on Reddit over ‘manspreading’ by a co-passenger into her space in a four-hour long flight. The passenger, a redditor whose username u/EmilyKauai, shared a picture of the uncomfortable situation as well. Daily Mail reported that she also mentioned in her post that she’d asked her co-passenger to move his leg to accommodate hers multiple times, but her requests fell on deaf ears.

This incident has sparked a comment section war on Reddit, with over 9000 comments discussing the situation. A lot of the users blamed the co-passenger for being rude and inconsiderate, while some others were quick to point out the cramped nature of airline seats and how there is never enough space. Many went on to share their own uncomfortable legroom stories in the comments.


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The poster, who described herself as a 5’8 female, in her picture clearly showed that her legs clearly dis not have enough space while being crushed into the confined space to the corner. What’s more, the passenger also went on to take up the whole armrest for the entire journey. She also spoke of trying to get him to give her space, but it seems he wasn’t quite as accommodative as he should have been. "A couple of times I mentioned it, and he would move over, but his legs would casually return to where they rested during his movie," she said in the comments.

In her post, the caption said, “This was how a 4 hour flight went today. I am a 5’8” Female.” Check out the post below.


Many users were quick to share their opinions on the matter. One user said, "I'm 6'5 and about to travel to Thailand. I'm gonna medicate myself to a ridiculous degree." Another user said, “Last flight I was on, I was seated next to someone who was 6'5. I'm 6'2 and was in the middle seat. NY to LA flight, we were STRUGGLING."

Another user was also considerate to the plight of the woman, “On a flight from San Francisco to Denver I had the same thing. I’m like 6’2” and wide, I was in the window seat, and my knees were touching the seat in front of me. Then a dude, he must’ve been 6’7” 280 the dude was gigantic, came and plopped right next to me in the middle seat. We simply didn’t fit, but from that point on I knew I could never complain about fitting on a plane again."

One user commented about the sad plight of seats on flights, saying, "I’m a bigger dude and yet I will do all I can to make myself as small as possible on flights for this very reason. Also, maybe I’m going insane here but have the seats on planes gotten narrower over the years or what? Well shit, I didn’t expect this comment to blow up like it did".

Some users also took shots at the man, "Yeah I’m a fairly tall guy and anytime I’m on a plane I go out of my way to make sure my knees don’t cross that arm rest line. That dude is either an asshole or a creep." Another commenter also had a similar view, "Yup, dude is man spreading out of his lane. A hard bump to the right should clear this issue up."