'Divorce him!': Internet overwhelmingly sides with wife after husband and mother-in-law's appalling act

'Divorce him!': Internet overwhelmingly sides with wife after husband and mother-in-law's appalling act
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An angry woman left her home after her husband and mother-in-law did not save any dinner for her as she didn't show up when she was breastfeeding her five-week-old in another room. The 32-year-old new mother vented her anger on Reddit, complaining that her mother-in-law, who had moved in to "help out" after the birth of her child, had been nothing but trouble. 


This action made her exhausted and left for drove to her own mother's house. Learning her painful story, Reddit users slammed her husband and called him a "mummy's boy."


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'If I open my mouth, my husband would start scolding me'

Sharing her sorrowful experience with her mother-in-law, the woman wrote that her husband forced her to be grateful for his mother and scolded her if she opens her mouth. She wrote, "My husband's mum has been camping in the living room ever since and inviting people over and making a mess in the house. I said nothing because if I open my mouth, my husband would start scolding me saying his mum is there to help and I should be grateful."


Frustrated mom vented on Reddit (Photo: Screenshot@Reddit)
A frustrated mom vented on Reddit when her husband ands mom didn't leave her any dinner (Screenshot from Reddit)

'No time to sleep'

She further penned that she gets less time to sleep and her mother-in-law never helps much. She said, "I handle feeding, diaper changes, cleaning, wiping. I only get a few hours sleep so my husband's mum isn't really helping with the baby. But I thought to myself, 'Well, at least she cooks for us!'"


'We didn't see you at the dinner table," so we didn't save any'

The young mother claimed that when she inquired about the dinner, her husband replied, "It's probably on the stove," but her mother-in-law cut in and said, "We didn't see you at the dinner table so we didn't save any."

'But she knew that I was with my son'

"I lost it and yelled that I was feeding my son and of course I was hungry, I was actually starving. She shrugged her shoulders and said it wasn't her fault I didn't 'show up for dinner' but she knew that I was with my son and hadn't eaten a thing," the woman wrote. Before it turned into a heated argument between the three of them, her husband asked her not to "raise her voice." 


'They called her childish'

"My husband blew up at me as I was making my way out," she recalled, adding that she was called "childish" by the pair. She went into the bedroom, packed a small bag for herself and her son, and called her brother to come to pick her up and take her to her mother's house.

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The woman said that her mother-in-law hardly ever helped and that her husband asked her to be thankful she was around (Screenshot from Reddit)


'Angry messages to return'

The woman admitted her husband had been calling her "non-stop," demanding she come home and sent her angry messages, calling her "nuts." She first sent him pictures of their son, and he then sent her images of him and his mother preparing dinner. The woman questioned whether she was "in the wrong" on the online platform, and many other mothers showered her with support. However, some advised her to stop separating the child from his father. 


'He's a very prideful person'

The woman responded and said that her husband had full access to see his baby but chooses not to come over simply because he hates her mom and refuses to be with her in the same room. She writes, "How long am I going to stay here??? There's no telling but at least I'm being pampered and treated like a princess by my mom, dad, and brothers. Heck, I couldn't get this treatment in my own home!" She added, "As for my husband, He can come over to mom's house if he wants to see his son so badly but I doubt he'll do it since he's a very prideful person and this might hurt his ego."


A lot of Reddit users called the husband a mama's boy and told the woman to divorce him (Screenshot from Reddit)


'Reddit users supported the young mom'

One user wrote, "You weren’t hungry? Your body is literally feeding another human being. Do they not understand that you need to eat so that you can feed your baby?" Another wrote, "Reading it made me sad too. She is being abused by both her husband and his mom. I hope she doesn’t go home and files for divorce. This is unforgivable." "Man-child, mama's boy, whatever. Stick to actions - not insults," wrote one user. Another user penned, "Sounds like he's married to his mum and you're the other woman." "Save all those texts. This is bigger than dinner. He's being petty and childish. Take care of you and your baby," wrote another.


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