'TERMINAL IDIOT': Mia Khalifa slammed for complaining about '3.5-hour traffic' due to Queen's funeral

'TERMINAL IDIOT': Mia Khalifa slammed for complaining about '3.5-hour traffic' due to Queen's funeral
Mia Khalifa is in the UK for vacation as the country mourns the loss of Queen Elizabeth II who died on September 8 (Greg Doherty/Getty Images; Joe Giddens - by WPA Pool/Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM- Mia Khalifa was blasted on social media after expressing her annoyance at being forced to sit in traffic for three and a half hours due to thousands of people who showed up to see the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. The former adult star is currently in the UK on a vacation.
According to VT, the 29-year-old found herself in hot waters after users found out about her apparent dislike of the monarchy after she shared a TikTok clip from one of Anthony Bourdain's TV shows.


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The video, shared on her Instagram story, showed Anthony and his friends clinking their glasses. After which, one member of the party says, "to the Queen." He then looks angry before replying, "no, I hate the aristocracy man."

Mia Khalifa posted the Tik Tok video on her Insta story(Instagram Mia Khalifa)
Mia Khalifa posted the TikTok video on her Insta story(Screenshot/ Instagram Mia Khalifa)

Mia wrote in the caption, "me right now as I sit in a car for 3.5 hours to a shoot bc [because] of traffic from the queen having died peacefully due to being as old as the Magna Carta." Social media users were not happy with this as several called Mia out. One user commented, "If only there was some kind of Underground Tube system she could have used.." Another said, "Never mind stop thinking about yourself for a change." A third chimed in, "Dry your eyes Mia, should maybe have planned your journey a bit better". While a fourth wrote, "What complete numpty would go out in a car in or anywhere near that particular location without having been diagnosed with terminal idiocy?"





However, despite the traffic, Mia is making the most of her vacation in the UK. In one photo, the model shared a picture of herself posing alongside the most famous red telephone box. She wrote, "a nuclear era, but I have no fear".  After she shared the pictures on her Twitter account, Ash Sarkar, a journalist, jokingly called Khalifa's posts "disrespectful" as the country mourns for the loss of Her Majesty. Ash posted a photo of a phone box that had been draped in black to mark the late Queen's death. Ash said, "Actually very disrespectful to show a telephone box which isn't in full mourning dress rn." To which, Mia replied, "I know now."


Meanwhile, Hollywood A-lister Leonardo Di Caprio was called out recently by the adult star. Mia has never been shy about stating her thoughts. Just months after Camila Morrone turned 25, the actor, who has acted in blockbuster movies including 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Inception', called it quits with his longtime lover.

Mia took to Twitter to criticize the 'Titanic' star saying, "Maybe it’s not Leo dumping his girls as soon as they turn 25, maybe his girls outgrow him when their brain fully forms at 25 and they realize they don’t want to be with a 47-year-old manchild."


Mia just had her own breakup with rapper ex Jhay Cortez and it has not been amicable. In a series of recent Tweets, the 29-year-old has slammed her former lover, who she was with for the better part of a year, accusing him of "manipulation."

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