'Rebel': Air time, how to live stream, trailer and all you need to know about ABC's drama

The 'She's not a lawyer, she's just loud' dialogue is back!

                            'Rebel': Air time, how to live stream, trailer and all you need to know about  ABC's drama
Katey Sagal stars in 'Rebel' (rebelabc/Instagram)

If you’ve ever felt that ‘Erin Brockovich’ the movie should have had a sequel or even a prequel, your wish is about to come true. There seems to be a lot of Erin-inspired content that’s about to hit screens. ABC’s new show 'Rebel' is inspired by the fearless Erin Brockovich and while the main character’s name is Annie 'Rebel' Bello, the sass and style of Miss Brokovich comes through loud and clear.

This isn't surprising because 'Rebel' is also produced by Erin Brockovich along with the creative force behind 'Grey's Anatomy' Krista Vernoff. 'Rebel' stars Katey Sagal in the title role as a blue-collar legal advocate without a law degree who cares deeply about the causes she fights for and the people she loves. When Rebel takes on a fight, you better believe she's in it to win.


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Katey Sagal stars in 'Rebel' (kateysagal/Instagram)


Release date

ABC's Thursday night lineup will welcome the new Erin Brockovich-inspired series 'Rebel' from executive producer Krista Vernoff. Starring Katey Sagal, the drama is set to premiere April 8, alongside 'Station 19' and 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC.

Air Time and how to live stream

'Rebel' will air at 10/9c on ABC. However, if you can't catch it on TV, you can watch ABC live without cable with one of the following options: fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV NOW. 

Hulu+ Live TV: Get a seven-day free trial and a monthly plan costs $54.99.
YouTube TV: You can avail a five-day free trial and a monthly plan will cost you $49.99.
Fubo TV: Get a seven-day free trial and it costs $44.99 a month.
AT&T TV Now: A seven-day free trial is available and it is priced at $55 a month.
Philo TV: You can get a seven-day free trial and a monthly plan costs $20.

If you are not based in the United States, you can catch the show using a VPN


Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal has been a familiar face on television for decades now. Fans will remember her for roles such as Peggy Bundy on 'Married with Children', Leela on 'Futurama', Cate Hennessy on '8 Simple Rules' and Gemma Teller Morrow on 'Sons of Anarchy' for which she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, Television Series Drama in 2011.

Katey Sagal stars in 'Rebel' (Getty Images)


John Corbett

Fans may know Corbett best as Aidan from 'Sex and the City' and this time as well, it seems that Corbett plays the loving partner to another feisty woman, Rebel in this case. Corbett is also known for his film roles in films such as 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', 'Raising Helen' and 'Sex and the City 2'. In addition to his acting career, Corbett has also pursued a career in country music.

John Corbett stars in 'Rebel' (Getty Images)


What's new?

Well, everything about the show really. It seems that the audience is keen for some fresh viewing fare, as the trailer of 'Rebel' garnered more than 27 million views. Erin Brockovich, on who the series is based, says in an interview to Deadline, “'Rebel' is not just my story, it is all of our stories. There is a hero that exists in all of us, and I am so excited for Krista Vernoff and ABC to bring their visionary storytelling to this series. The name Rebel oozes self-empowerment, courage and rising above, even in the worst of circumstances. I cannot think of anyone better to play this role than the indomitable Katey Sagal, who is such a force, as well as the rest of this extraordinary cast."


Catch the trailer of 'Rebel' below, the most priceless line is 'She's not a lawyer, she's just loud'.



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