Who is Rebecca Lobie's husband? Steve Irwin's 'hot niece' starts adult website amid family feud

Rebecca launched her website on the day of Terri Irwin's 56th birthday

                            Who is Rebecca Lobie's husband? Steve Irwin's 'hot niece' starts adult website amid family feud
Rebecca Lobie pictured with her husband Mick Lobie (Instagram/ Mick Lobie, Rebecca Lobie)

Rebecca Lobie, the estranged niece of late Steve Irwin, has now launched an adult content website with a monthly subscription of $7. The cousin of Bindi Irwin was a manager at the Australia Zoo in the past. She is the daughter of Steve's sister Joy and her husband Frank Muscillo. Lobie distanced herself from the Irwin family ever since she quit the zoo in December 2015. The announcement of Lobie's adult website coincided with Terri Irwin's 56th birthday and also comes amid a family feud. 

Last month, Bindi Irwin accused her 82-year-old grandfather Bob Irwin of neglecting her — the claims that turned many heads. As per the latest reports by DailyMail, the feud is still ongoing, and Lobie's bombshell announcement comes in the middle of it. "I'm so excited to launch my exclusive content today! Can't wait to connect with you all," she declared prior to the launch. Lobie, who regularly shares raunchy photos on social media, has been married for nearly 14 years to Mick Lobie. 


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Who is Rebecca Lobie's husband Mick Lobie?

Lobie's fallout with the Irwins happened back in 2015, when her father Frank was fired from the Australia Zoo, prompting her to resign as well. Ever since then, she had grown as an Instagram star, known for her steamy photos in skimpy clothing. 

She shares two sons with Mick Lobie, her husband of more than a decade. Though Lobie has now launched an adult website, her relationship with Mick appears to be stable and loving. The duo often shares intimate photos together, with Mick showering his wife with compliments. 


On his birthday on December 9, 2020, the 32-year-old Lobie shared a rather shocking photo with her husband. The pair can be seen sunbathing on a beach with Mick's hand on Lobie's bare hips. While not much is known about Mick's profession, he appears to be a devoted family man, spending quality time with his family quite regularly. In addition, he also shares steamy photos of his wife, praising her physique and features every now and then. 

Meanwhile, Lobie previously revealed her wish to mend the feud with cousins Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin Jr. When Bindi Irwin became pregnant, she apparently wanted "her boys to know their cousins and is hoping Bindi’s baby will change everything."


However, she does not seem very keen in mending things with the Irwin family matriarch Terri. Perhaps that is the reason she did not mind unveiling her adult site on the date of Terri Irwin's 56th birthday. "Bec is all about family first, so when her mum and dad fell out with Terri so publicly, it was losing her little cousins that was the most heartbreaking," it was earlier quoted in the media about her. 

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