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'Totally the opposite of Mark': 'My 600-lb Life' fans impressed as Chris Parsons loses weight despite forgoing surgery

Chris made remarkable success during his weight loss journey, which led him to wonder if he even needed surgery to help him lose further weight
UPDATED MAR 16, 2023
'My 600-lb Life' fans happy to see Chris Parson (R) succeed unlike Mark Rutland (L) after opting out of surgery (TLC)
'My 600-lb Life' fans happy to see Chris Parson (R) succeed unlike Mark Rutland (L) after opting out of surgery (TLC)

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA: On Season 11, Episode 7 of 'My 600-lb Life', viewers meet Chris Parsons, who takes a remarkable decision that few of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan's patients ever do. He decides to not undergo weight loss surgery and lose his weight without it. What's even more remarkable is how successfully he achieved his weight loss quest without the need for surgery. Chris shed nearly 250 pounds without undergoing weight reduction surgery throughout his 'My 600-lb Life' adventure. Individuals who defy Dr. Now's treatment plan are usually disliked by viewers. One recent example is Mark Rutland from earlier in the season. However, viewers were taken aback by Chris' determination to lose weight through fasting.

Chris of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was featured on the newest edition of Dr. Now's weight reduction show alongside his patients. Despite not having weight loss surgery, he became a fan favorite and viewers claim to be gaining a tremendous source of motivation just by observing him.


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Chris impresses Dr Now with his weight loss

Chris started his journey in June 2020, and now he's on 'My 600-lb Life'. Everybody on the TLC show has a goal, whether it's to save their lives or to find love. In this case, he claims to be acting in the best interests of his daughter, Zoey Parsons. Chris weighed 620 pounds as he began his weight reduction journey and spoke with Dr. Now. "When I start eating, I get this high off of it," Chris said, describing his food addiction.

But, in order to be present for his kid, he decided to become serious about losing weight. A watershed moment occurred when he began to lose mobility and witnessed his quality of life deteriorate.

Fans of the TLC weight loss show frequently encounter a patient who can't (or won't) keep to Dr. Now's weight reduction regimen. Enablers in their life might sometimes promote their overeating and cause issues. In Chris' instance, the entire family participated in the process of becoming healthy. He's alienated from his mother, Laura Parsons, when Season 11, Episode 7 begins. However, his health situation brings the family together. His mother and brother Tommy will be joining him soon.

So, on 'My 600-lb Life,' the three of them are striving towards Dr. Now's goals. His mother started at 225 pounds, but his brother was closer to 250. It is unusual for one of Dr. Now's patients to be a candidate for surgery. And it may be rare for someone to attain the target and then decline the offer from a prominent bariatric surgeon. But that's exactly what Chris did. He challenged Dr. Now to lose weight via fasting and exercise, and his willpower was admirable.

Chris P's tale was featured on 'My 600-lb Life,' Season 11, Episode 7, and he lost more than 250 pounds, weighing in at 380 pounds by the end of shooting. Laura, his mother, shed 35 pounds, while his brother lost about 35 pounds. Chris now says he's still working on himself and his path. He hasn't reached his ideal weight. But, as everyone who has lost weight knows, it's a marathon, not a sprint.


'This is the difference between Chris and Mark'

After Mark opted out of surgery earlier in the season too, fans were skeptical to see Chris do the same and disappoint Dr Now. But Chris' story wasn't a disaster story as Mark's. Fans commented on social media saying, "Totally the opposite of Mark. Chris wasn’t delusional and he put in the work.." Another person wrote, "I’ve never rooted for someone so hard lol..I rolled my eyes when he said he wasn’t going thru with the surgery cus I thought he’d end up like another Mark, but Chris has made incredible progress, and he seems like an all around good guy." One fan posted, "I loved this episode. I didn't give him enough credit when he said he felt like he didn't surgery because I thought we were gonna have another Mark. But he blew it out of the water. Super proud of Chris and his family." Seeing a lot more positive as compared to Mark's story made fans comment, "Yes - so frustrating, and thought it was going to be like Mark (from a couple weeks ago) all over again. Luckily there was a lot more positive about his story!"

While pointing out the difference between Chris and Mark, a fan wrote, "See. This is the difference between Chris and Mark. Chris is realistically confident and has such a good support system behind him. I am really proud of him and hope he is still doing well." Speaking of Chris' progress a fan wrote, "I was worried he was going to be another Mark, but his progress never slowed and he has a support system that seems to really be motivating him. I hope he keeps at it!" One fan also wrote, "Antithesis fits but I actually meant antidote. Mark’s episode was so frustrating and hard to watch it made me feel pretty disgusted. Chris’ episode was so positive and upbeat I felt cured of any lingering frustration."

'My 600-lb Life' airs every Wednesday on TLC at 8 PM ET.

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