Lisa Rinna accuses 'RHOBH' star Kathy Hilton and her children of being 'homophobic racist'

Lisa Rinna accuses 'RHOBH' star Kathy Hilton and her children of being 'homophobic racist'
'RHOBH' stars Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna (Bravo)

Ahead of the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 12 premiere, there were some rumblings on the internet about fan-favorite cast member Kathy Hilton making some unsavory remarks against Sutton Stracke's assistant. Though Sutton squashed all these rumors, Erika Jayne doubled down on it by not only accusing Kathy of using a 'harsh slur' against an employee off-cameras while filming for the reality show, but also the Hilton family matriarch reportedly stopped ilming with the ladies after the incident and has reportedly not faced Erika either. 

While Erika's allegations weren't well-received by 'RHOBH' fans, it looks like  Lisa Rinna isn't ready to give up on these rumors just yet. The infamous 'pot-stirrer' of 'RHOBH's alleged private DMs were leaked on an Instagram page 'Everything Housewives'. The 'Real Housewives' fan page shared the screenshots of Rinna's DM where she allegedly accuses not only Kathy but also her children- (Paris and Conrad Hilton) of being 'homophobic racists'.


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The alleged text messages read, "I can't even look at her (Kathy) it's so hideous and here's the thing if you're gonna be on a reality show honey and you're a homophobic racist you probably should've stayed home." "One thing I can tell you they got it from their mama.... So when it all starts coming out do some googling and see where those words have been thrown around before. We usually run the liars/ narcissists off so we have some work to do," she added.

The Instagram page dug up old clips of Paris Hilton and her brother Conrad Hilton using racist and homophobic slurs on camera. Paris can be heard using the N-word and declaring that all gay men have AIDS. Paris also says, "Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They're disgusting." While her brother too was filmed using the N-word against a police officer in another clip. 

After watching the clips and reading Rinna's texts, several fans took to Twitter to claim that they weren't surprised by the Hilton family members' behavior. A fan tweeted, "Most of Hiltons are conservative, Paris said the N-word in the sex tape &some other crazy sh*t. I’m not surprised KH said this. They just tell people what they want to hear, when they get caught being their true selves use $$ & power to make it go away. #RHOBH." "Are we surprised? This is who the Hiltons are underneath their public persona. #RHOBH," wrote another fan. "I called it. The Hilton family racist/bigoted rebrand DOESN’T FOOL ANYBODY. #RHOBH," declared a fan. "Kathy Hilton, who raised at least 2 children who are video documented racists, is a Trump supporter and also being accused of using a homophobic slur? Well, I for one, am SHOCKED. #RHOBH," mocked a fan.







Not all 'RHOBH' fans are entirely convinced with Rinna's texts. Some fans took to Twitter to slam Rinna for once again targeting a fan-favorite cast member with damaging allegations. A fan shared, "Since some are hopping on the hate Kathy train over what she allegedly said let’s re-visit what Rinna actually said. I can’t stand a hypocrite. And Rinna is the biggest one. #RHOBH." "Rinna, every season when she targets a fan-favourite castmember that she wants to bully off the show (Kim, Yolanda, LVP, Denise, Sutton, Kathy) That rancid effing geriatric b****-c*** needs to be the focus of a takedown season #RHOBH #HateHer," commented a fan. "This is a Kathy Hilton take down by Rinna. I know Lisa is all about honesty and “Owning It” but like “Puppygate” and “Radar Online” it’s all hearsay and not based on actual proof. When will it end? #RHOBH," wondered a fan. "On one hand, I totally can see Kathy doing this, on da other hand da source is Lisa Rinna. My verdict is to send them all to hell. #RHoBH," declared a fan.






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