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'Real Girlfriends in Paris': Margaux Lignel talks about her 'long dry spell' and finding love in Paris

Margaux Lignel, the bright star, complains to her pals about dating difficulties and navigating life on her own terms in the first episode
Margaux Lignel in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season 1 episode 1 (NBC)
Margaux Lignel in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season 1 episode 1 (NBC)

PARIS, FRANCE: Margaux Lignel puts the real in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris'. The young reality star opens up about her sex life in the season premiere of the latest Bravo show.

Bravo's newest series, 'Real Girlfriends In Paris', will have you booking a flight to France in no time. Nobody understands that sensation more than the show's breakthrough star Margaux Lignel, who spent most of her life moving back and forth between New York and France before embarking on a career in reality television. “I mean, up ’til today, I could’ve braided my pubic hair,” Margaux tells her co-stars at a wild Friendsgiving celebration at Anya Firestone's apartment. Moments before, the New York City native, who was born to French parents, rued the fact that she hasn't been intimate with a guy in months. “All these bitches are getting laid,” she laments, later adding, "And honestly, the only stuffing I’m f***ing getting is from the turkey."


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Victoria Zito and Margaux Lignel in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season 1 episode 1 (NBC)
Victoria Zito and Margaux Lignel in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season 1 episode 1 (NBC)

Adja Toure, another cast member, gives a suggestion to assist Margaux to meet her demands later in the episode. "What if I take you to a sex club? There’s one on my street," adds the Cornell graduate. "We can go together. And if you feel uncomfortable, we can go back to my house and drink wine and talk about it. " Margaux, on the other hand, does not appear to be interested in a casual encounter.

“I know I can f**k whoever I want to f**k,” she tells her gal friends. "I just want to have a connection also — with a d**k. A d**k connection.”

Likewise, Emily Gorelik says that she struggles with forming such relationships. “Like, everyone I ever sleep with, I’ve fallen in love with them,” the interior designer reveals. “And so that’s where my problem comes.”

Margaux has had one of the longest relationships with Paris and has a thorough grasp of the people and culture. She, like her pals on the new show, is obsessed with Paris, but she had the privilege of growing up in New York City while simultaneously spending a lot of time in the City of Lights. Margaux and her five American friends navigate employment and romance while immersing themselves in French culture, cuisine, and fun in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris', Margaux's quest leads her down a meandering professional path and the revelation that the love of her life may be learning to love herself.

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' premieres with two episodes on Bravo on Monday, September 5, at 9:15 pm ET.