When will 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Episode 1 release? Here's how you can watch the new Bravo show

When will 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Episode 1 release? Here's how you can watch the new Bravo show
Bravo's new reality show 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' is set to drop this week (@emilyg/Instagram)

PARIS, FRANCE: After 'Real Housewives', Bravo has put together another similar show for its audience. 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' is a show about six girls who fall in love with the city of Paris and its men. The girls navigate the city while shouldering their own struggles and pursuing their ambitious dreams. The show features Adja Toure, a graduate of Cornell; Kacey Margo, a English teacher; Emily Gorelik, a luxury design management student, Margaux Lignel, an American School of Paris alumna, Victoria Zito, a fashion designer, and Anya Firestone, a culture and art theorist. 

When asked about its resemblance to the TV series 'Emily In Paris', Victoria Zito, in an interview with E! News said that, 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' is a more authentic portrayal of the life of an American woman in Paris, especially because of Bravo's documentary-style approach.


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Who stars in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris'?

Adja Toure

A Cornell graduate in Hotel Management, Toure has a diverse professional background. She worked as a merchandiser at Walmart eCommerce from October 2018 to February 2020 in New York. Her responsibilities at Walmart included growing the dotcom Hair Color business through site merchandising, analytics, and assortment buying/planning and curation. Toure will be seen making her entry into the French beauty market and also make her arrival on the dating scene in Paris.


Kacey Margo

A Southern California native who loves pets, Kacey proclaims that she is American by design and Parisian by heart. Now, she teaches English in a French classroom. She has been shuttling between Paris, LA and New York for various reasons, her visa being one of them. Can she manage to stay in Paris and follow her heart?


Anya Firestone

Anya Firestone is a nationally licensed museum lecturer, art critic, and also an art and culture theorist. Working deeply in the art and culture space, she also writes as a critic for Highsnobiety Magazine and is a nationally licensed Guide Conférencière in France, hosting exclusive, bespoke tours for private clients. Apart from her extensive work in the art world, she has also served as a consultant for brands such as Peter Marino, Christian Dior and Harper’s Bazaar. Firestone is the 'mother' of her friend group and owns one of the cutest pups in Paris - Zsa Zsa. After work, she can often be found with her beau Matthieu, dining at their favorite Hotel - Le Ritz.


Emily Gorelik

A New Jersey girl through and through, Gorelik joined NYU and has been living in Paris for the last two years. She is currently pursuing a degree in Luxury Design Management. In her time in Paris, Gorelik seeks to fix her broken French and solidify her life path.


Margaux Lignel

Lignel is a traveler who embraces the no-luggage life, both literally and figuratively. If you followed her on Instagram, you'd know that she loves the summer and is a complete water baby. Margaux Lignel has studied at some of the best schools in the world, including the American School of Paris, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design. She recently moved into a new apartment in Paris and resolves to make the best of her 'hot mess' of a life.


Victoria Zito

Born in White Plains, New York in 1993, Zito grew up playing soccer in school. When she discovered acting at fifteen, she joined the school choir and drama society. By senior year, she was in love with the performing arts and even walked off soccer tryouts and onto the stage where she participated in the play and musical of the school year. Zito is the head designer of Chloe Colette and a recent divorcee. Paris will tell you that Victoria Zito has arrived, but will love follow suit?


When will Episode 1 air and where to watch it?

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' premieres on Monday, September 5, at 9.15 pm ET on Bravo.

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