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'Baby why would you do this to me': Devastated rapper 600 Breezy reveals GF Raven Jackson died by suicide

600 Breezy admits that his girlfriend was 'hurting' and says he did all he could to show her nothing but love
Rapper 600 Breezy mourns the death of his girlfriend Raven K Jackson, who may have died by suicide (Instagram@600breezy)
Rapper 600 Breezy mourns the death of his girlfriend Raven K Jackson, who may have died by suicide (Instagram@600breezy)

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Rapper 600 Breezy is mourning the loss of his girlfriend Raven K Jackson, with whom he dated for two years. On Monday, September 6, the Chicago rapper shared on his Instagram account with one million followers that his great love has passed away. The 31-year-old rapper posted several pictures with Raven and recalled the memories they had together.
600 Breezy shared the Instagram posts with detailed captions saying he was “f****d up” after hearing the news and asking why she would do that. Although it's not confirmed, it appears that Raven may have taken her own life after the rapper shared the latest text messages from her. Raven’s Instagram profile tells us that she was an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and fitness model. She also had a podcast Real Talk With Raven where she talked about mental health awareness.
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‘I m f****d up for the rest of my life’

Sharing a heartbreaking post on his Instagram, rapper 600 Breezy stated, “Baby why would you do this to me, why would you do this to us? I was coming back home I promised you I would. You just gone leave me forever? You kno how many people love you raven? I would’ve never left if this was the outcome.” He continued, “I m f****d up for the rest of my life baby mentally you just finished me. Im shaking I’m crying I love you so much stinky pie.”
He further stated, “My woman my wife my life …You pushed me away so you can do this??? I would’ve died with you raven I did any and everything for you …I’ll never be able to love again @raven.k.jackson. I’ll see you soon baby. God help me please.” Sharing another post on the photo-sharing app, Six-O-Breezo stated, “The best 2 years of my life …… @raven.k.jackson. God I need you please help me please. What did I do to deserve this? you took my friends and my girl???” while also adding a broken heart emoji.


‘My baby was hurting’

Sharing what appears to be the last few text messages from Raven, 600 Breezy hinted that he was aware of her mental health issues adding that he did everything possible to help her out. “My baby was hurting and I did everything I could to show her nothing but love and keep her going. I put everything into her and her business. I believed in her I worshipped the ground she walked on. She’s gone forever. I hate myself”, said the hip-hop artist.
He added, “Please when your loved ones are showing signs of any mental damage or health please take them serious. This is real. This is what she left me with. And I suppose to be able to continue to live ????? @raven.k.jackson you always told me you wanted to go out young so you can get that love you deserve from others and be a legend.” 
The rapper, who shared a deep bond with his love interest, asked his fans to pay attention to signs of depression or mental health. “But what about your family baby what about me? you left my heart so empty and broken lifeless alone. And, no matter what they say or what you say I’m gonna forever feel like it’s my fault. Please y’all pay attention to the signs of depression or mental health” concluded 600 Breezy.  In the text note shared by Raven, she told the rapper that she was tired and was dealing with bad thoughts for years adding that she was waiting for the right time to act. In the note, she also mentioned that she was hanging out on a bridge adding, she “gave up a long time ago."