Did Rachael Kirkconnell ask 'White people to step up'? 'The Bachelor' star tells fans not to defend her

Did Rachael Kirkconnell ask 'White people to step up'? 'The Bachelor' star tells fans not to defend her
Rachael Kirkconnell said she's 'learning and will continue to learn how to be antiracist' in the apology video (Rachael Kirkconnell/Instagram)

Rachael Kirkconnell, one of Matt James' final four suitresses on Season 25 of 'The Bachelor', has finally broken her silence over the ongoing racism controversy. She shared a video on her Instagram on Thursday, February 25, addressing the issue she has been deeply involved in since Chris Harrison's interview with Rachel Lindsay. She is heard saying that the "big step" in dealing with the problem comes with "White people stepping up and taking accountability."

Kirkconnell's statement comes two weeks after Harrison's apology as she talks about people being "upset" about her owing to her past actions. In the same video, 'The Bachelor' star has requested her fans to work with her "together" to bring about a change. The post has been viewed over 369,000 times with people in large numbers extending their support to her.


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Rachael Kirkconnell tells White people to take 'accountability'

She begins the video by telling her fans that for a long time, she has been receiving messages about her not speaking up on the issue and asking how she has changed. Kirkconnell says she wanted to finally talk about it as she was "tired" of people validating her. 

Responding to trolls who have called her out for not working towards her actions, she says, "I think the first big step in all this is white people stepping up and taking accountability. And things will never change if we all don’t work together and work towards this racial progress and unity that we all want."

Talking about not sharing any resources from her end to educate people, she explained, "I don't want people thinking that it's performative or that it's not something that I truly stand by." She further adds, "I hear you. There are things out there that completely validate your opinions and your anger towards me. But I've come to realize that sitting aside and hiding in the corner, to avoid being called performative, it doesn't help anyone."

Kirkconnell also tells her followers to stop saying "I did nothing wrong because that's not true". She concluded by saying, "If you really want to support me, then encourage me to do better and encourage those around you to do better and accept change... because we need to work together if anything is going to change."



Fans accept Kirkconnell's 'sincere' apology 

A significant number of her followers are extending their support to Kirconnell as she has poured her heart out. Several fans have accepted her "sincere' apology and told her not to pay heed to trolls and the infamous cancel culture. 

One commented, "u’re so cool! I don’t think you did anything wrong. Don’t fall into societies rules. Just be you!" another added, " Ignore the cancel culture, you did nothing wrong". Meanwhile one wrote, "God bless you! I liked you from the beginning of the show! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes! You seem so genuine!! Keep your head up!"

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