Quordle July 28, 2022: Want to solve today's puzzle? Here are answers and hints

Quordle July 28, 2022: Want to solve today's puzzle? Here are answers and hints
Check out today's answers for Quordle 185, July 28 2022 (Credit: quordle.com)

A new word puzzle is released every day on Quordle. The tricky word game requires players to guess the four five-letter words in nine attempts.

Like Wordle, you have to guess the five-letter words but here instead of the one you have to find four. Have you already found the words of the puzzle? If not then don't worry, scroll down to check out the hints and answers and see if you were close to the answers. If you're new to the game then you should practice Quordle first in the practice mode and understand the fundamental rules of the game.



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Here's how you can play Quordle

• First, you get nine attempts to guess the four words.

• Just like Wordle, the tile color will change according to your answers. The color of the tile will turn grey if you make a wrong guess.

• If the tile color changes to yellow, it means your letters in the words are not in the right place.

• And finally, if you get a green, it means you got it right.

• When you guess a word on Quordle, it will appear in all four answer boxes.


The level of the Quordle can get difficult on some days. So, we are here with the hints and answers to daily Quordle to help you get the right words and maintain your win streak. Keep an eye on the attempts you have and practice as much as you can. Quordle has an unlimited practice mode. So, you can give some time for practicing before you jump onto the daily game.

Quordle 185 Hints for July 28, 2022


Are you tired of beating your head to crack the words? Well, you can calm yourself and check these hints to make it easy for you.

Word one hints

The first letter is F
There is one vowel in this word and one set of repeated consonant
This word is another word for the term furry and sometimes means lack of clarity.

Word two hints


The second word starts with the letter P
The second word contains two vowels
A tool used for gripping and is made of two crossing metal

Word three hints

The third word starts with the letter A
The third word contains three vowels
The opposite of asleep

Word four hints

The fourth word starts with the letter R
The fourth word contains two vowels
Means to turn a device off and on again


There you have it. Were you able to crack the words from these hints? Well if not then don't worry we got you covered.

SPOILER ALERT: Read further only if you want to know the answers. The four words are here:


There you go. That's all about today's Quordle 185, July 28, 2022. We hope you managed to get through today's puzzle and maintain your streak. You can play Quordle via quordle.com. See you tomorrow with a new set of words.


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