ABC 'Queens': Will Brianna leave her cheating husband or stay on for the kids?

Naomi finally gets a offer for a solo deal but at what cost? Will it be just her alone or together as the Nasty Bitches is the question at hand

                            ABC 'Queens': Will Brianna leave her cheating husband or stay on for the kids?
Eve as Brianna in 'Queens' (ABC)

Spoilers for 'Queens' Episode 2 'Heart Of Queens'

ABC dropped the second episode of its original new series 'Queens' and fans are loving it! 'Queens' will follow the story of women rappers Xplicit Lyrics, Butter Pecan, Professor Sex, and Da Thrill who were once known as the Nasty Bitches.

The ABC musical drama will follow four friends whose once-thriving careers as artists are now a distant and forgotten memory. One of the central characters is Brianna aka Professor Sex(Eve) who now is living as a wife and a mother of five. When an opportunity arises to perform once again she does it to get back with her friends but also for the cash that will go towards the family. But her happy life is soon in discord when he husband betrays her trust. Read on to know what happened and what we think lies in this character's future.


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Will Brianna dump her cheating husband or give him a second chance?

The first episode of the series saw Brianna walk in on her husband Jeff (Ronreaco Lee) with another young woman in bed. Disgusted, Brianna tells him, "I gave up everything for you". Jeff who has been having migraines informs her about him having cancer and gives the bulls**t reason saying the tumor impaired his judgment causing him to cheat. Brianna is having none of it and says, "I want nothing more than the absolute pleasure of nursing you back to health and then leaving your a**.” The second episode saw Jeff get surgery for the tumor with the doctor informing them the surgery went well and that after chemotherapy he'll be fine and back to his family. Brianna brings up the cheating with Jeff appearing visibly confused. He says he loves and would never even dream of cheating on her. Fancy coming from the man who called his slogging wife a queen and then called the woman he was cheating on her with a queen as well. Brianna is taken aback as we get to know short term memory loss is a side effect of brain surgery. 

As Jeff comes back home and is embraced by his kids we see Brianna look at the happy scene with a sad smile. It's clear she wants her family to be together but at what cost? There's no denying her husband cheated on her and that's a fact that can't be changed. We are also left to wonder if the unfaithful man is just trying to pull a fast one and take advantage of the situation as he had previously asked if she could forgive him.

The question that remains is will she take the advice to 'heal him up and leave him' or will she consider this chance as an opportunity to get a fresh start? Watch the next episode to find out what happens.

'Queens' will air every Tuesday at 10/9 c on ABC.

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