Queen gets hundreds of letters of support after Meghan Markle and Harry's bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview

The Queen is reportedly 'pleased' with the support and her ladies-in-waiting reply to every letter that comes their way

                            Queen gets hundreds of letters of support after Meghan Markle and Harry's bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview
Queen Elizabeth II is receiving a lot of love through letters after Meghan Markle and Harry's Oprah interview (Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II has been receiving much support from her fellow Britons amid Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's shocking Oprah Winfrey interview on March 7, 2021. As per reports, "sacks full of post are delivered to Windsor Castle", including hundreds of letters of support and encouragement, gifts as well as cards. The monarch has been in lockdown with her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, since he has been released from the hospital.

Harry and Markle made many claims against the royal family in their CBS Primetime bombshell interview, including one where they accused the family of racism. The duo revealed that a member of the royal family had expressed racist “concerns” over the skin color of their then-unborn baby Archie, who does not have a courtesy title. Things took a more disturbing turn when the former 'Suits' actress said that she had 'suicidal thoughts' while living with the family. Though the palace released a statement after the interview, the family mostly seems like they are trying to move forward from it. The Daily Mail reported that the Queen is "pleased" with the support.


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Who writes back?

The publication further revealed that Dame Mary Morrison, the Queen's 83-year-old lady-in-waiting is the one who replies to every letter that comes their way. She reportedly has the help of the "palace aides" and "fellow ladies-in-waiting". It has been revealed that some of the responses written by Dame Morrison were "deeply personal", which included her thanking the writers of the letters for their loyalty and support. She also adds that the Queen is appreciative of the "kindness" towards the royal family right now.

Speaking of the interview by her grandson and his wife, The Queen had said that while their claims will be taken "seriously", some "recollections may vary" with regard to certain incidents. In part, the statement from the royal family read, "the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members."

Since the interview aired, the royal family has been slammed online with many demanding that the monarchy be "abolished". However, many others are said to be divided on the matter. While Piers Morgan famously slammed Markle for the interview, polls also indicated the common sentiment. Reportedly, a YouGov poll revealed that Harry and Markle's popularity dropped after their interview, but the Queen's remained on a pedestal.

The publication reported a source saying, "We have seen a spike in correspondence after the interview in the same way that it might spike after any other event." Furthermore, the royals also have fellow royal support as Prince Albert of Monaco publicly supported the queen. He reportedly criticized Harry and Markle for their claims, saying it was "inappropriate" and should have been done "within the intimate quarters of the family".

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