'Put all my eggs in one basket': Kariselle doubts her 'Perfect Match' Joey given his troubled past over ex

'Put all my eggs in one basket': Kariselle doubts her 'Perfect Match' Joey given his troubled past over ex
'Perfect Match' Joey Sasso and Kariselle (Instagram/@joeysasso)

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA: Netflix's latest dating show 'Perfect Match' brings together several of the streamers' reality alums for a chaotic new dating competition, and as it turns out, there are some former flames among the cast. We are talking about Joey Sasso, the winner of 'The Circle'  Season 1, and Kariselle Snow, best known as the panda from Sexy Beasts. 


For the first 8 episodes of the show, Kariselle and Joey have matched without fail, even after some minor setbacks. Yes, we definitely mean that one little kiss between Chase DeMoor and Kariselle. But it seems like trouble might be brewing, as in a sneak peek of what's coming to next, Kariselle has admitted that it's just hitting her that she "put all of her eggs in one basket." Does this mean Kariselle doubts her 'Perfect Match'?


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Is Kariselle and Joey's match in trouble?

The former bartender and pageant queen have a lot of history so when they were cast on 'Perfect Match', the couple quickly became one of the most interesting pairs as they try to give their connection another chance. Both Kariselle and Joey were thrown for a loop when they saw each other among the first contestants who entered the Perfect Match villa.


In the first episode, the couple matched but hit a roadblock the next day when Joey revealed he still wasn't over his ex. But the couple moved past all the turmoils and seemed to be going strong and even started dating each other officially on the show. Though in a preview of what's to come next, Kariselle is worried that she "put all her eggs in one basket." This might be hinting at some trouble between the pair. And given their past, it's possible that Kariselle is doubting her relationship with Joey. Will they split up or be a 'Perfect Match' remains to be seen.



Joey and Kariselle's troubled past

After Joey's identity as a member of The Circle's cast was made public, the two started talking. In the first episode of Perfect Match, Joey said that Kariselle DM'ed him and that he was attracted to her right away. She then traveled to LA and they had fun together, but per Joey, he wasn't ready to be in a relationship. The couple didn't speak to each other for a few months, but later Joey reconnected with Kariselle. The pair went on to date but Kariselle revealed that the "commitment thing" was too much for Joey and they parted ways once again.

From being commitment-shy to not being over his ex, Joey has given Kariselle plenty of reasons to second-guess things. Though they had previously talked about their past and Kariselle agreed to give their romance another go, the couple might still have some obstacles to overcome.


'Perfect Match' new episodes will be released every Tuesday on Netflix


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 'Put all eggs in one basket': Kariselle doubts 'Perfect Match' over Joey's troubled dating history