'Proven Innocent' Season 1: All eyes are on Kelsey Grammer's Gore Bellows as Fox releases 2nd promo

The latest 'Proven Innocent' trailer released by Fox features blood and gunshots, adding drama to the high-profile murder of Rosemary Lynch, who was also Madeline's best friend

                            'Proven Innocent' Season 1: All eyes are on Kelsey Grammer's Gore Bellows as Fox releases 2nd promo

When a wrongfully convicted person is proven innocent, that's not the end of the case. In fact, it's only the beginning. "The real murderer is still out there," said Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre), a fierce lawyer who defends the wrongfully convicted, not only because she has an uncompromising hunger for justice, but also because she herself was convicted for a murder she did not commit.

With the second promo teaser out, there is much more insight on what to expect from the upcoming drama, which, MEAWW described as a "'soapy-sexy' legal court drama, a thrilling whodunnit and a fight against wrongful conviction."

The new promo teaser reveals the case of Rosemary Lynch (Casey Tutton), was not just a high profile and a highly publicized case, but that Lynch was also Madeline's best friend. It's worse to know the case, for which Madeline was wrongly convicted, was the murder of her own best friend. A glimpse reveals the murder site is a secluded rocky hill, and Madeline's brother, Levi Scott (Riley Smith), who was also wrongly sentenced, is on his knees looking at the dead body in front of him.

"You and your brother were wrongfully convicted of the first-degree murder of your best friend Rosemary Lynch," the trailer begins. "That's correct," Madeline acknowledges. With the shutters and flashes of the cameras enters the antagonist Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammer), the silver-haired lawyer who shot to fame after putting Madeline behind bars for the murder of Lynch.

As stated in the previous trailer, Fox's 'Proven Innocent' will witness new cases every week, some of which will be based out of true stories, while also exploring Lynch's murder case in the backdrop. Because the murderer is still out there, "everyone is a suspect," the new trailer states.

But it's Bellows who believes Madeline is still the guilty one. As Madeline questions "what are you hiding?" to an unknown character, the scenes climax with gun shots, blood splattering and a burning photograph of Rosemary Lynch. Bellows pulls out a lighter and flicks it to burn a smiling portrait picture of Lynch. We can immediately sense something is fishy with Bellows, who Madeline describes as a "corrupt liar."

Finally, Madeline is asked; "you've never stated who you think the real killer is," and while we wait for Madeline to respond, we see many faces, some new, some already known, but the one that stays in your mind is that of Bellows. However, Madeline does not answer who she has in mind but the teaser ends with an affirmation; "No matter who it is, I'll find them," the young lawyer says. 

'Proven Innocent' airs February 15 on Fox.