'Proven Innocent': A 'soapy-sexy' legal court drama, a thrilling whodunnit and a fight against wrongful conviction

The latest trailer gives us a glimpse of what 'Proven Innocent' is trying to prove as Rachelle Lefevre and Kelsey Grammer go head-to-head in a court battle

                            'Proven Innocent': A 'soapy-sexy' legal court drama, a thrilling whodunnit and a fight against wrongful conviction

Fox's 'Proven Innocent' will not be your average legal court drama. Thanks to the latest trailer and the first look that's out for the world to see, we have a fair idea about what to expect from the series slated to premiere February 15.

Frustration, sex, violence and guns are evident in the trailer, but as the title suggests, the drama will be a fight for justice in a world plagued by wrongful conviction and corrupt lawyers. The premise revolves around the protagonist named Madeline Scott, who was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Rosemary Lynch. Ten years after serving her prison sentence and being proven innocent, she is now a fierce lawyer defending the innocent, while also maintaining her own.

The trailer wastes no time to set the record straight as Madeline narrates: "10 years after being proven innocent, I now defend the wrongfully convicted." Then, we instantly see who she is against - a reputed lawyer with silver hair and a black suit, Gore Bellows, the same one who put her behind bars for the highly-publicized case of Rosemary Lynch.

Starring Rachelle Lefevre as Madeline and Kelsey Grammer as Bellows, the first look gives us a glimpse of the actors' takes on their character as well as each other's. "He took this as an opportunity to make a name for himself and pin this murder on us," said Lefevre as we see the snowy landscape where the body of Rosemary Lynch was found.

Grammer describes his character's relationship with Madeline as an "intense" one. "I put her in jail for 10 years," he said, later adding; "I am the guy they wanna get," he smirks. This may be a plot we know and sometimes legal court dramas get way too predictable. However, in this case, you will see new cases every week, where Madeline and her team go all out to defend the wrongfully convicted.

You will hear characters cry and say "no one has cared before," or "god is punishing me." Some of the cases will be sort of based out of true stories. "We have quite a few whipped from the headline kind of stories," said the 39-year-old actress. So, be prepared to get emotionally vulnerable. The show's executive producer Danny Strong says the idea was to get an "emotional and exciting" TV show with a mix of "soapy sexy quality" spiced up with a "terrific murder mystery of who really killed Rosemary Lynch."

Madeline's predicament and her victory over the "corrupt liars" will definitely be worth a watch given the current state of affairs in the country. When Nikki M. James, who plays Violet Price, asks Madeline on a radio if she is "nervous going against the man who put you away" Madeline boldly responds, "Any opportunity to show that our white knight state's attorney is really a corrupt liar, is an opportunity I am eager to take."

"Those are the stories that impact audiences," said Russell Hornsby, who plays Ezekiel Boudreau, Madeline's co-lawyer. Next month we will see about that.