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Project Blue Book's Ksenia Solo dishes on her spooky UFO encounter, belief in aliens and teases season 2's Area 51 plot

A UFO is the last thing you would expect to come across during a vacation, but not for Ksenia Solo. Her onscreen life as Susie Miller transcended to the real world shortly after filming 'Project Blue Book'

Actress Ksenia Solo might have gone well beyond just playing the undercover Russian spy with closeted feelings for Dr. J Allen Hynek's wife Mimi on the History sci-fi series 'Project Blue Book'. It turns out that the show has left her on the other side of the spectrum with some pretty strong faith in the existence of the extraterrestrial.

The show revolved around the real-life titular investigation undertaken by the US Air Force in the '50s to solve the mystery of several hundreds of mysterious "alien" and "UFO" sightings in the Washington DC area. At the center of it all was Dr. Hynek, an astrophysicist aiming to dig deeper for the truth behind it all. Solo's Russian Spy, Susie Miller, builds a bond with Mimi to get closer to Hynek's findings and reports on the sightings, but Solo herself claims she was a first-hand witness to a sighting of the same kind not too long ago.

"I didn't know much," Solo shared about her knowledge of the far beyond, in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide at the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Bash 2019. "I didn't know about 'Project Blue Book' specifically, so it's been really fun and fascinating to learn that there were 12,618 cases of reported sightings that the investigation recorded and explored. I've learned a lot and I'm really excited for the next season cause we're diving deeper into Roswell and Area 51, so we got some big stuff coming up now," Solo teased about the upcoming season of the show that debuted earlier in January. 


While the show speculated on conspiracy, the focus was on Dr. Hynek and his team to figure out if there was a cover-up of these sightings. However, the show also managed to induce drama and other elements through Susie's budding connection with Mimi. This had led to a lot of speculation about a lesbian spy-thriller romance coming up in future seasons of the show, but nothing has been confirmed yet.  The last we saw Solo's character, she was being threatened by her higher officials to crack the case on Dr. Hynek, so her fate on the show is quite possibly in danger.

But as interesting as the story sounds, it looks like Solo has been able to retain most elements in real life too, as she spilled to us about a shocking encounter she had right after ending filming for season one of 'Project Blue Book'. She claims to have spotted a UFO! "I am (a believer in aliens), I may or may not have seen some stuff so I'm definitely a believer," Solo told us. "I think I've seen a UFO," she added, continuing: "It was about maybe nine months ago after I filmed the first season of the show. I was overseas, someone else was with me. Otherwise, if I had been by myself I totally would've thought I was imagining something. But I think I saw something in the sky."

That sounds like a case for 'Project Blue Book', which is expected to return with a second season sometime around January 2020.