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Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury

Jake Paul says he's interested in Tommy Fury rematch instead of fighting KSI: 'There’s unsettled tension'

Jake Paul is ready for a rematch against Tommy Fury instead of taking on KSI
Nov 20, 2023

Jake Paul takes a dig at KSI as their feud drags on, Internet says 'you’ll never fight him'

KSI recently faced Tommy Fury in the boxing ring after extensive trash talk
Nov 11, 2023

Tommy Fury reveals Jake Paul congratulated him after KSI victory, trolls say 'that didn’t happen'

Tommy Fury recently claimed Jake Paul congratulated him after his match against KSI
Nov 6, 2023

Tommy Fury seems ready for 'big fight' in rematch against Jake Paul: 'Me and him will meet again'

In a recent interview with Pro Boxing Fans, Tommy Fury confirmed his intention to face Jake Paul again
Oct 27, 2023

Jake Paul trolls KSI for appealing Tommy Fury defeat, Internet says 'you’d have done the same'

Jake Paul and KSI have always been at each other despite KSI being Logan Paul's business partner for PRIME hydration
Oct 21, 2023

Logan Paul not pleased with KSI vs Tommy Fury match result: 'It was more like a draw'

Logan Paul stated that he was not happy with the result of the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight
Oct 19, 2023

Logan Paul reveals his pick for Jake Paul's face-off between Tommy Fury and KSI

Logan Paul recently declared his pick after Jake Paul promised a potential match with Tommy Fury or KSI after the duo's fight on October 14
Oct 18, 2023

Adin Ross shares ‘honest’ review on KSI vs Tommy Fury bout: ‘Got robbed literally’

Adin Ross reacted to Jake Paul's video on the fight and openly criticized Tommy Fury's performance
Oct 18, 2023

Jake Paul, IShowSpeed and Ludwig react to KSI vs Tommy Fury match results: 'That wasn't boxing'

KSI vs Tommy Fury boxing event has sparked conversations online, as many social media users believe it may have been 'rigged'
Oct 16, 2023

IShowSpeed aghast after learning KSI was 'robbed' in Tommy Fury bout, trolls say 'stop crying'

IShowSpeed got emotional over the contentious result of the KSI vs Tommy Fury match
Oct 16, 2023

Will KSI face Joe Rogan in a fight? YouTuber reveals his preferred opponent as he mentions 'JRE' host's 'deadly kicks'

In a six-round cruiserweight bout on October 14, Tommy Fury emerged victorious over KSI
Oct 15, 2023

Internet dubs Jake Paul 'mad' as he defends Tommy Fury against KSI's 'robbery' claims: 'You talking the most s**t for someone'

In a recent tweet, Jake Paul firmly supported Fury in the ongoing debate of 'who truly emerged victorious'
Oct 15, 2023

Kai Cenat 'flabbergasted' as he learns result of KSI vs Tommy Fury showdown

In response to the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight, Twitch personality Kai Cenat reacted with disbelief and shock as he eagerly awaited the outcome
Oct 15, 2023

Logan Paul and Tommy Fury's fathers get into a physical altercation during Prime Card media event

Video of John Paul pushing Greg Paul went viral on social media
Oct 13, 2023

IShowSpeed joins KSI in training session before Tommy Fury bout, beats him in 100 m sprint

IShowSpeed and KSI share a strong camaraderie and were seen training together
Oct 10, 2023

Jake Paul backs out of KSI bout, Problem Child seeks to 'redeem Tommy Fury loss' by facing 'big name' Nate Diaz

Misfits Boxing President Mams Taylor disclosed a significant update on the disagreement between Jake Paul and KSI
Oct 10, 2023

Internet trolls Jake Paul for his 'go crazy' comment prior to KSI vs Tommy Fury fight: 'Who cares'

Jake Paul has been criticized by fans on the Internet for his ‘go crazy’ comment
Oct 9, 2023

Internet mocks Jake Paul as KSI vs Tommy Fury gains sanction as professional fight: ‘Fake Paul is out of excuses’

Jake Paul said, 'Need my brother to make you relevant, I love boxing, you love your ego, Im helping the sport, you are degrading the sport'
Sep 29, 2023

KSI follows intensive training regimen for epic October 14 showdown against Tommy Fury but fans aren't impressed

KSI and Idris Virgo sparred in preparation for the boxing event but fans were distinctly underwhelmed, with one saying 'he punches like a girl'
Sep 24, 2023