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Jake Paul's opponent Andre August shares his views on KSI, Internet replies 'nobody knows you'

Social media users slammed Andre August after he said that he does not know who KSI is
Dec 4, 2023

Ryan Garcia discusses potential winner in Jake Paul vs KSI fight: 'I will blow them out'

Ryan Garcia predicts winner in Jake Paul and KSI's match, despite KSI's bitterness towards him
Dec 1, 2023

Internet mocks IShowSpeed as YouTuber gears up for boxing match against KSI: 'Wanna die so young'

Despite sharing a close relationship, the two have embraced a playful online rivalry
Nov 30, 2023

IShowSpeed challenges KSI to a fight, Internet says YouTuber 'would knock him out first round'

IShowSpeed and KSI are well acquainted with one another, having worked together on several occasions
Nov 29, 2023

Kai Cenat reveals Sidemen group member with 'most rizz' while calling out KSI: 'He's on some cocky s**t'

In a video featuring Kai Cenat and fellow Sidemen group members, they engaged in a conversation about who among them had the most 'rizz' experience
Nov 28, 2023

KSI playfully claps back at IShowSpeed for trolling him over 'Dragon Ball Legends' game

This follows IShowSpeed's unfortunate encounters with swatting during two consecutive live streams
Nov 25, 2023

KSI's trainer picks Jake Paul over Andre August for December 15 fight: 'He will stop this guy under 5'

After IFN posted a video of Andre August's training session, KSI's trainer, Leon Wills, put his bet on Jake Paul for the December 15 bout
Nov 20, 2023

Jake Paul says he's interested in Tommy Fury rematch instead of fighting KSI: 'There’s unsettled tension'

Jake Paul is ready for a rematch against Tommy Fury instead of taking on KSI
Nov 20, 2023

Logan Paul and KSI's Prime secures partnership with Terence Crawford and Shakur Stevenson, Internet says 'damn this is a W'

Logan Paul and KSI's partnership with boxers Terrence Crawford and Shakur Stevenson creates buzz online
Nov 17, 2023

Jake Paul 'ready to fight' KSI anytime, Logan Paul warns brother ahead of Andre August: 'I don't like the optics'

Jake Paul said that he is ready to fight with KSI anytime and wants to know what is stopping him
Nov 16, 2023

Young boy gets solid gold worth $500K for winning Logan Paul & KSI's 'Golden Prime' challenge, Internet calls it 'insane event'

Logan Paul and KSI introduced the 'Golden Prime' challenge to celebrate selling a billion bottles of the Prime Energy drink
Nov 14, 2023

KSI and Logan Paul's friendship timeline: Here's how two rivals turned out to become business partners and pals

KSI and Logan Paul's first match ended in a draw, while the second, a hard-fought battle, resulted in a split decision favoring the former
Nov 13, 2023

Jake Paul takes a dig at KSI as their feud drags on, Internet says 'you’ll never fight him'

KSI recently faced Tommy Fury in the boxing ring after extensive trash talk
Nov 11, 2023

KSI and Logan Paul's PRIME Hydration reaches billionth bottle milestone, trolls say beverage 'tastes like pee'

Just a few days after announcing the $1,000,000 Gold PRIME contest, KSI and Logan Paul declared that their brand has officially sold a billion bottles
Nov 9, 2023

Internet slams Jake Paul for his 'philosophical' tweet: 'You pray for KSI’s downfall all the time'

Jake Paul expressed a philosophical thought on social media, noting that wishing for another's misfortune is not a good practice
Nov 9, 2023

Logan Paul dubs IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat's streaming content as 'really good' but Internet says it's just 'screaming'

Logan Paul and KSI discussed IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat's streams on the Impaulsive podcast
Nov 7, 2023

Logan Paul and KSI announce $1M Gold PRIME contest to celebrate billionth bottle sale: 'This will be absolute chaos'

Logan Paul and KSI's latest $1,000,000 Gold PRIME contest revolves around cracking a secret code to win a solid 24k gold bottle
Nov 7, 2023

KSI, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak discuss how Adin Ross spotted IShowSpeed's potential: 'This kid’s gonna be the next big thing’

Adin Ross predicted IShowSpeed's rise to stardom, per KSI, Logan Paul, and Mike Majlak's podcast
Nov 7, 2023

Tommy Fury reveals Jake Paul congratulated him after KSI victory, trolls say 'that didn’t happen'

Tommy Fury recently claimed Jake Paul congratulated him after his match against KSI
Nov 6, 2023

Jake Paul and KSI react to Logan Paul's US title victory at WWE Crown Jewel: 'Let's go'

Jake Paul and KSI expressed their exuberant reactions on social media following Logan Paul's historic victory at WWE Crown Jewel against Rey Mysterio
Nov 5, 2023