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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

Is Kevin Spacey OK? Oscar-winning actor rushed to hospital fearing ‘heart attack’ after his left arm goes numb

Doctors feared Kevin Spacey could have suffered a heart attack, but they gave him all-clear after a series of tests
Oct 4, 2023

Where is Kevin Spacey after sex assault trial? Actor might quit Hollywood as producers worry he is not 'worth the risk'

According to some observers, it is difficult to picture Kevin Spacey rebuilding his career, at least in the US, anytime soon
Sep 26, 2023

Is Kevin Spacey broke? Actor who 'lost job' before criminal case that cost him $1.3M in trial now faces civil lawsuits

'I lost my job, I lost my reputation - I lost everything, in a matter of days,' Kevin Spacey previously told the judge during his trial
Aug 12, 2023

What is the Groucho Club? 'Innocent' Kevin Spacey celebrated with friends at exclusive venue after meet-and-greet with jurors

Jurors waited outside the courthouse in hopes of meeting Kevin Spacey, with one reporter even describing the encounter as a 'meet and greet' event
Jul 30, 2023

Has Kevin Spacey been found guilty of any crimes? Doubts raised about revival of actor's Hollywood career amid verdict

'I lost my job, I lost my reputation - I lost everything, in a matter of days,' said Kevin Spacey who cried at the court when he was found not guilty
Jul 26, 2023

What is Elton John’s middle name? Legend stuns everyone as he testifies for Kevin Spacey in sex assault trial

Elton John had three lawyers and an aide with him who often repeated the evidence as he had trouble hearing
Jul 17, 2023

Kevin Spacey trial update: Actor 'sexually attacked' victim while he slept

'Kevin Spacey said I should leave, and I shouldn't tell anyone about this,' said a victim
Jul 10, 2023

Kevin Spacey allegedly groped victim’s genitalia during a charity event, court hears

'He [Kevin Spacey] grabbed me with such a force it was painful,' said a victim
Jul 5, 2023

Kevin Spacey's alleged sexual assault victim compares him to his ‘Se7en’ character at trial: 'I used to call him a weirdo'

The person also claimed that Kevin Spacey touched his inner thighs and genitals over his clothes
Jul 3, 2023

Kevin Spacey claims people are 'ready to hire' him the second he is cleared of sexual assault charges

Kevin Spacey is hopeful about resuming his acting career after his UK sexual assault trial is over
Jun 15, 2023