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‘Produce 101’ S2 trainee on probation for assaulting ex, fans ask if it is Ha Minho or Moonbok

K-pop fans angry as the accused threatened the victim with a knife and strangled her while forcing her to get back with him
A 'Produce 101' S2 trainee given probation for assaulting ex (Mnet/MBC Naver)
A 'Produce 101' S2 trainee given probation for assaulting ex (Mnet/MBC Naver)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: On August 19, K-pop fans were shocked when it was reported that a male trainee had been put on trial and then sentenced to probation upon assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The Korean media shared that it was a male artist who had competed on the K-pop survival show ‘Produce 101’ season 2 that had formed the boy group Wanna One. The case was adjourned on August 19 with the decision that the male trainee would get probation i.e., a year in prison if he commits the same crime in the next 2 years and 80 hours of community service.  He will also be supervised for a year.

According to the trial, the K-pop trainee who had participated in ‘Produce 101’ S2 had broken into his ex-girlfriend’s house in October 2021 through the veranda when she refused to meet him and dragged her to the living room. The trainee had then threatened her with a weapon from her kitchen which is said to be a knife and then strangled her, forcing her not to break up with him. On hearing the victim scream, a neighbor rang the bell. The trainee again threatened her with the weapon and told her not to scream. And while his identity is not revealed, fans wonder if it could be Ha Minho or Jang Moon-bok.

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'Produce 101' season 2 was a K-pop survival show that formed the boy group Wanna One (Mnet/Naver)
'Produce 101' season 2 was a K-pop survival show that formed the boy group Wanna One (Mnet/Naver)

‘Produce 101’ S2 trainee on probation

Knetizens as well as international fans were shocked that despite the physical assault and violent threat, the court let the ‘Produce 101’ S2 trainee go with probation and community service. The court happened to reveal that the ex had suffered great shock and pain and so had not yet forgiven the accused. The court also revealed its reasoning behind the lenient decision, “We took into account the fact that the defendant confessed to the crime, that the crime was somewhat accidental, and that he was a first-time offender with no criminal history.”

Fans wonder if the accused is Ha Minho or Jang Moon-bok (@min.h_o13, @ono_entertainment/Instagram)
Fans wonder if the accused is Ha Minho or Jang Moon-bok (@min.h_o13, @ono_entertainment/Instagram)

Fans are angry and want his identity exposed so that he suffers. The report revealed that the accused was 26 years old. K-pop fans took to listing all of the male participants born in 1996 and 1997 and were not active. Many felt it was Ha Minho. The male trainee had left the show in between because of rumors of unwanted sexual advances which were later cleared. Mnet had ended up completely editing him out of the show. Knetz also wondered if it is 1995-born Jang Moon-bok who had also gotten into a scandal for allegedly mistreating his ex in the past.

One report also shared that the trainee had ended up debuting in a boy group in 2018. Well, regardless of the identity, the internet is unhappy that the accused only got probation for such a serious crime.



‘A psychopath’

Knetz left comments like, “This is crazy,” “What do you mean probation? You're joking,” and “No but he pulled a knife on her and he's only getting 1 year... This is crazy.” One was worried for the ex, “If he's getting probation, the victim should be immigrating somewhere else, how is she going to live with this kind of sentence?”

One fan was angry, “WTF is wrong with people when some says no it’s NO but I guess people don’t know what NO means nowadays.” Another was shocked, “TF THIS DUDE IS A PSYCHOPATH.” One fan wondered, “Alright y'all streets saying it's Ha Minho.” Another added, “Hmm 1 year probation whaaaatttt? Seriously the law is a joke.” One said, “It said the member is or was part of a idol group and Ha Minho never was.”






Another was confused, “What is even more surprising is that this dude really thought his girlfriend will continue dating him if he choked her and threatened her with a knife. He is either unbelievably stupid, unbelievably self entitled, or straight up high on drugs.” One user felt it was Jang Moon-bok, “Lol I wonder what comes up with u look up jang moon bok hmmmm definitely not his ex posting about him being a manipulative asshole.”



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