Fans worry for D.Ark after unnamed rapper, 18, from 'SMTM' and 'HSR' attempts suicide

Fans worry for D.Ark after unnamed rapper, 18, from 'SMTM' and 'HSR' attempts suicide
D.Ark has been silent after he was let go by his record label (

Trigger warning - suicide attempt

Along with the booming music industry in South Korea, the competition is extremely high. Hundreds of artists debut every year, with only a few making a mark and lasting long. It is even more difficult for the K-Hip Hop industry as it is more underground and underrated than K-pop which is mainstream and global. However, there are survival shows like ‘Show Me The Money’ and ‘High School Rapper’ that allow aspiring rappers a shot at fame and success.

Unfortunately, it seems that one young rapper could not endure the hardships anymore and tried to end his life. On March 16, Korean media reported that an unnamed 18-year-old, who had previously participated in both ‘Show Me The Money’ and its spin-off ‘High School Rapper’, had tried to take his own life. Thankfully, his roommate saved him from the suicide attempt. The reports shared that the incident took place at 4:20 am KST in their studio apartment. The roommate was asleep in the same room and stopped the rapper.


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18-year-old rapper’s suicide attempt

It seems that fire was involved as the roommate had to extinguish flames. Parts of the apartment and their belongings were, however, burnt in the process. Reports also share that the two are healthy and have not suffered any injuries. Gangnam authorities shared that they will decide whether to charge the rapper for arson after investigating the case in detail. On the other hand, K-Hip Hop fans are worried about two particular rappers. They think the victim could either be D.Ark or Sangjae as they fit the description.

Update: While no one has confirmed, fans are a little bit relieved as one user tweeted that D.Ark is allegedly fine as they had messaged his girlfriend who had assured them.


Fans worry for D.Ark

Previously, D.Ark was involved in a sexual assault scandal that was cleared up followed by underage drinking controversy. He was even let go by his label P Nation. He also deleted his social media. Many were sure that it was him as one fan tweeted, “The fact that the rapper whose name starts with D ending with ark tried to suc1de breaks my heart.” Another fan commented, “Okay so an 18 yo korean rapper has tried to take his own life. he has participated in hsr and smtm. d.ark fits those criteria and he has been twting very concerning stuff. pls sweety be okay. get help, i beg you.”

Some think it could also be Lee Sangjae aka Touch The Sky as he too had previously made worrying tweets in February. However, he came online and said that he had no idea what was going on. That had fans relieved for him but worried for D.Ark. One commented, “Sangjae doesnt know either so that means…” Another said, “I'm really sad... want to hug whoever it is between them…”






If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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