Prince William won't give Harry 'free pass' during his UK stay as 'everything isn't well', claims royal expert

'He will not allow sentiments to divert him from his duty to the British people and to the British crown,' Lady Colin said of the brothers' reunion in the UK

                            Prince William won't give Harry 'free pass' during his UK stay as 'everything isn't well', claims royal expert
Prince Harry and Prince William have been on talking terms since Prince Philip's funeral on April 17, 2021 (Getty Images)

Just because Prince Harry has reunited with his family, his brother Prince William won't let him off easy comments royal expert Lady Colin Campbell. Reflecting on the reunion between the two brothers, Campbell told TalkRadio that William won't be giving Harry a 'free pass' during his stay in the UK.

The brothers were seen on speaking terms at their grandfather, Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday, April 17 but Prince William will still deliver on his expected duties toward the monarchy and not allow his brother to make another 'attack' on 'The Firm'.


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Lady Colin said: "I think it sends a message that Prince William will not be mucked around. Everything isn't well. It's very good that he is actually making a stand. Prince William has mettle, he is not going to allow anyone to muck him around, or muck the crown around. He shouldn't pretend, he should be giving the message that Harry's recent behavior won't be tolerated by him." 

Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, is being touted as a peacemaker following the little chit-chat between the two brothers at the funeral on Saturday, April 17. "He will not allow sentiments to divert him from his duty to the British people and to the British crown," continued Campbell, adding: "He is not giving Harry a free pass just because they are sharing a family sadness. I am behind Prince William 100 percent on this. I think it would be inappropriate to pretend that everything is well in the Garden of Eden."

Arguing that this was one of the defining moments to mark the beginning of the royal family's reunion, royal expert Robert Hardman told the BBC: "I think today we saw the start of them coming back together. I think there was a wonderful moment at the end of the service as all the state cars pulled up, they were all expecting everyone to get in their official cars and go up the hill."

Prince William and Prince Harry at Prince Philip's funeral (Getty Images)

Hardman added: "The Prince of Wales just lead the way and said I am not getting in the car and started walking and then everyone else started walking. It suddenly, at that moment, ceased to be a state occasion and it became a family event. I suspect right now, subject to Covid rules, they are like any other family. They are catching up and reminiscing and I think today will have been a very unifying day."

Harry and William talking at the funeral created massive buzz on social media, with users gushing about how this would have 'warmed Diana's heart'. This comes after it was rumored that the Queen had asked William and Harry to stand apart in the funeral - a claim that was busted later. Charlie Rae, the former royal editor at The Sun, spoke to TalkRadio and claimed that it was William, not the Queen, who was behind the controversial decision.

Rae said he isn't sure if the Duke of Sussex "fully understands the hurt he has caused". He added, "No wonder William is so furious. I have some sympathy with his decision not to walk next to his brother. I do sense it would have been William being the prime mover in this." 

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