'Delusional': Prince Harry slammed for saying he's PROTECTING Queen after deserting royal family

'Delusional': Prince Harry slammed for saying he's PROTECTING Queen after deserting royal family
Harry said he is 'making sure the Queen is protected and has the right people around her' (Instagram)

Royal fans slammed Prince Harry after he stated that he would ensure the Queen's well-being. The Duke of Sussex told Today that he hoped to guarantee that the 95-year-old monarch was "protected" and had "the appropriate people around her." Harry made the remarks during the Invictus Games only days after paying a surprise visit to Windsor Castle to his 95-year-old grandmother.

Some of the Royal fans chastised him for his apparent show of sympathy so soon after he sensationally 'snubbed' Prince Philip's funeral ceremony in Westminster Abbey on Tuesday, March 2022. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in Montecito, California, at their $14 million property. The rest of the Royal Family, including the Queen, who has been battling health concerns, gathered in London for Prince Philip's funeral ceremony. Speaking on the Today show, Harry stated that he is hoping to ensure that the monarch "had the right people around her" for which the royal fans mercilessly trolled him. 


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Insult to William and Charles?

Royal experts claimed Harry's remark that he was trying to make sure she has "the right people around her" was a 'gross insult' to Prince Charles and Prince William. Royal correspondent Robert Jobson tweeted: 'Prince Harry says on US TV he is making sure the Queen is 'protected and has the right people around her'. How so? I think you'll find that Prince Charles and Her Majesty's children and William are DOING just that and supporting the Queen, with actions - and not just words.' 


Former Conservative MP David Mellor told GB News: "His life is totally distorted now by becoming a Kardashian-type figure, where he's surrounded by people who want to photograph him because they're paying him lots of money for the privilege of filming him, and the Queen becomes important to him only because he has to see the Queen for his credibility on Netflix."

Morning Show journalist Peter Ford called Harry 'delusional'. "Prince Harry says he's making sure the Queen is 'protected & has 'the right people around her'! Yet he was nowhere to be seen at Prince Philip's memorial. He was busy talking to Oprah when Prince Philip was on his death bed! He's delusional."

Royals fans also slammed Harry for hurting the Queen. One person wrote: "The person that hurt the queen was Harry. This was just another Harry jab." "Harry talking about the Queen 'I'm making sure the Queen is protected and has the right people around her' - He really does live in cuckoo land, " tweeted another user. A user pointed out Harry's shallowness and wrote, "Harry meets the Queen for five mins, after not seeing her for a couple of years, and now he's informing us that he's making sure she's protected and has the right people around her! These shallow words are obviously for Netflix and his ego. The Queen needs protecting from him!!!"

"Yes Prince Harry, The Queen had her family around her at her late beloved husband's memorial. Jog on back to La La land you pointless twat," wrote another user. "Prince Harry opens up about visiting Queen and life in the US during an interview with Hoda Kotb at Invictus Games Harry reaching new levels of delusion after everything he's thrown at the Queen over 4 years. #hypocrite, a user responded to Prince Harry's remarks on Twitter.






Due to a dispute about his protection, Harry has refused to fly to London. He is expected to go to the Netherlands in the next two weeks to compete in the Invictus Games. Richard Griffin, the man who spent 14 loyal years giving the protection to the royals said, "Prince Philip was their grandfather so William has obviously had great training from him and is going to learn examples from him. I just hope Harry gets some of these things in his mind. It [Harry not being here] was a big disappointment for everybody. People were talking about it. Certainly around where I was people were saying he should have been here. All this nonsense about how he couldn’t get protection, as far as I’m concerned was a pathetic excuse. He should’ve been here to honor his grandfather." He further added, "At the end of the day, if he was that worried about security, he could’ve stuck with his brother and father who have got wonderful security and he would have been more than safe."

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