Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge criticized for letting Prince George play with a toy gun

While people called Kate tone deaf for allowing Prince George to play with a gun, others defended her by saying that the little boy should be allowed to have a normal childhood.

                            Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge criticized for letting Prince George play with a toy gun
Prince William and Kate Middleton (Getty Images)

People are disappointed that Prince George was spotted playing with a toy gun when he went to watch Prince Willaim play polo. Prince William and family decided to head out for a polo game after the family celebrated Queen Elizabeth's birthday and attended Trooping the Colour ceremony. While Prince William was on the horseback enjoying one of his favorite sports, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge were spotted enjoying the nice sunny day and the outing.

While the four-year-old was busy enjoying his day out along with his sister, one picture showed him playing with a toy gun and it has caused an immense outrage on social media.  “Completely tone deaf of Kate … to give Prince George a toy gun. Doesn’t she read the papers in her own country with all the gun deaths? If the Duchess of Sussex had done this, she would be excoriated in the media! Lucky George isn’t black or police would have shot him,” one user wrote. 

Another added, "#PrinceGeorge playing with a toy gun! Unbelievable! #KensingtonPalace shame!" Many people showed their disapproval with Prince George playing with a toy gun following the increase in the rate of gun violence in the US. “This isn’t okay anymore … My American side here, biased maybe b/c of everyday #gunviolence in the USA, but my British side agrees. No child in this day and age should look at any gun as a fun toy. This looks far too real,” another commented. 

However, there were many who came to defend the little prince as they believed he was just enjoying himself as a kid. "We all played with toy guns girls and boys Cowboys and Indians. Get a grip, people. We grew up we didn't take up arms. we go about our day working living. Because we are intelligent. Unlike those that see every toy as a symbol. I had a pogo stick. I don't still use it," one user wrote. 

While another came in with a view that not everyone who has a gun should be seen as a bad person as they wrote, "Maybe George is a little kid who likes to play Army or wants to be a police officer. Stop making this more than it is. He should not have to grow up different than any other little boy. GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!" Meanwhile, another reflected on their childhood and did not see any harm in playing with a toy gun. 

"People are complaining because Prince George had a plastic gun I had a plastic gun when I was little guess what I grew out of it I didn’t grow up to be a mass shooter or become obsessed with guns I hate guns now so just leave the boy alone and let him be a child," the comment read.