Internet can't stop raving about Prince George's cousin Savannah Phillips after she shushes him on Buckingham balcony

Savannah Phillips is the Queen's eldest great-grandchild; she made quite the impression during the Trooping The Colour ceremony at Buckingham Palace this year

                            Internet can't stop raving about Prince George's cousin Savannah Phillips after she shushes him on Buckingham balcony
Prince George (Source:Getty Images)

British Royal kids are known to pull off notoriously cute antics in public, and given the interest in the family we do come across those images whether we give a toss about Queen Elizabeth & company or not.

Remember Prince Harry sticking out his tongue to the paparazzi or Prince George meeting Barack and Michelle Obama in his pyajamas.

So any royal gathering for many are occasions to catch up on what these tiny tots are upto. The Trooping the Colour ceremony at Buckingham Palace was the latest where the royals, including Elizabeth, Prince Charles and newly weds Harry an Meghan Markle, had gathered on a balcony of Buckimgham Palace in London.

There was plenty to watch.

From Meghan's first appearance on the palace balcony with the royals to princes William and Charles losing battles with their bearskin hats, there was a lot to take in. Yet, what really caught the audience was the antics of 7-year-old Savannah Phillips, the Queen's oldest great grandchild and 15th in line for the British throne.

Of all the royals gathered on the balcony to watch the flypast by the Royal Air Force, Savannah was the most excited, all the while joking around and at one point even shutting up Prince George's chatter with a hand over his mouth.

In between she mime conducted the national anthem, exhibited major excitement as the jets zoomed overhead, and once even comforted Princess Charlotte when she fell down and started crying.

Funnily enough, the Duke of Cambrige, Prince William, who was standing right behind them, was caught looking unamused by the pair's little antics on the balcony and gave the two of them a look of disapproval.

But the cheeky pair was unfazed, evidently.

But it's no secret that the internet adores the royals, so naturally Savannah's little shuching gesture became a big hit and was unanimously agreed to be the highlight of the ceremony. Soon people started looking her up and for all those curious about who this Prince George-outsmarting-little-lady is, here are some facts about her:

Savannah is The Queen's eldest great-grandchild. She was born on December 29, 2010, to Peter Phillips and his Canadian born wife, Autumn Kelly. 

At the time of her birth, Savannah was 12th in line to the throne, but the subsequent births of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, relegated her to the 15th position. Yet, due to her dual citizenship --  her mother keeping her Canadian citizenship -- she's the only Canadian in line to the throne.

Despite that, Savannah doesn't have a royal title. At the time of her father, Peter's birth, his parents - Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips — had declined the Queen's offer of a royal title.

The Washington Post's 1977 coverage, says: "Princess Anne and her husband are understood to have told the queen that they felt a title would be a hindrance in the child's future career."

As a result, since neither of her parents have a royal title, Savannah doesn't have one either. But what still remains striking about her is her vibrant cheekiness and a vivid love for dogs as can be seen from several updates about her all over the internet.