Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Kate Middleton enjoy a family outing as they watch Prince William play polo

The two royal children were a delight to watch as they played and ran about the field under the watchful eyes of their mother while their father indulged in his favorite sport.

                            Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Kate Middleton enjoy a family outing as they watch Prince William play polo
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Prince William and family decided to head out for a polo game after the family celebrated Queen Elizabeth's birthday and attended Trooping the Colour ceremony. While Prince William was on the horseback enjoying one of his favorite sports, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton were spotted enjoying the nice sunny day and outdoor outing. The little Princess Charlotte was also spotted enjoying her day out as she practiced her headstands. 

Happy to be out and play, the little girl was seen running around in the field with her brother, Prince George. Meanwhile, Kate looked radiant in a blue dress and she seemed relaxed as she watched the children play about. Also present was Savannah Phillips, daughter of Peter Phillips, who is William’s first cousin and brother of Zara Tindall. 

Savannah is already a social media favorite. Her act of shutting up Prince George's chatter with a hand over his mouth during the Trooping of Colour ceremony did not go unnoticed. Funnily enough, Prince William had been standing behind the toddlers and seemed to be unamused with their behavior. At the same time, Charlotte had a near fall but she was saved by her mother. 

While standing with the rest of the family members Charlotte lost her balance and slipped. Looking at the videos and photos that emerged one would think that the little princess hit her head on the railing. Luckily for her, Kate had best parenting techniques in her hand to save the day. Kate was seen comforting Charlotte and quickly picked her up to make her feel more at ease. 

She even seemed to ask Charlotte if she was doing fine. Charlotte was back again being herself and enjoying the show as she was all smiles and laughter after the fall. While Prince George and Princess Charlotte seemed to enjoy the day, their brother, Prince Louis was missing from both the events. The Duchess of Cambridge and William welcomed their baby boy on April 23. 

The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. For a long time, people had their bets placed on the idea that the royal family will be naming the third baby Albert. At the same time, Arthur was also one of the contenders in the long list of names people had in mind.