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'Presumed Innocent' Episode 6: Bombshell turns focus on to Tommy Molto, but it may be planned

Apple TV+'s courtroom drama 'Presumed Innocent' delves into the murky waters of law where a famous prosecutor battles to prove his innocence
A stunning revelation about Tommy Molto reveals his potential complicity in Carolyn Polhemus's murder in 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)
A stunning revelation about Tommy Molto reveals his potential complicity in Carolyn Polhemus's murder in 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)

Contains spoilers and speculations for 'Presumed Innocent'

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Set against the backdrop of a harrowing murder, Apple TV+'s courtroom drama series 'Presumed Innocent' persuasively indicates that there are multiple suspects in the murder of Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve).

The drama, created by David E Kelley, follows Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal), a well-known prosecutor, whose life is flipped upside down when he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his secret lover and colleague Carolyn.

Rusty maintains his innocence throughout the six-episode; however, his professional adversary Tommy Molto (Peter Sarsgaard) feels otherwise and is determined to convict Rusty of the murder without even seeking another option.

However, subsequent developments have led to Tommy being suspected of murdering Carolyn, as shown by the most recent episode.

What did Eugenia reveal about Tommy Molto in 'Presumed Innocent' Episode 5?

Virginia Kull as Eugenia in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)

In the most recent episode of the trial, Rusty and Tommy's colleague Eugenia (Virginia Kull) admits to knowing about Rusty and Carolyn's affair.

However, things quickly take a dark turn for Tommy when Eugenia discloses that Carolyn only filed an HR complaint against Tommy, not Rusty.

This unexpected revelation shocks everyone in court, but Eugenia has more to say, revealing that Carolyn avoided working with Molto due to discomfort and informed her that he made her feel 'ick'.

Tommy then questions her about observing any immoral conduct against Carolyn, to which she responds that she did not observe him behave unprofessionally with Carolyn. 

What could be Tommy Molto's reason for killing Carolyn Polhemus?

Peter Sarsgaard in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)
Peter Sarsgaard in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)

Now, the past two episodes have deftly switched our focus from Rusty to Tommy as the killer of Carolyn. 

A flashback depicts Tommy being somewhat clinging to Carolyn when he inquires about the reason she doesn't work with him; she dismisses these as rumors, saying that she would prefer to work alone or with Rusty because of his professional position.

Carolyn's unease was clear in the flashback, as was Tommy's overly cordial demeanor towards her.

So, it's likely that he had a crush on the lady, and his knowledge of her involvement with his rival Rusty may have exacerbated the situation. It's probable that in a moment of fury, he intended to murder her and blame Rusty to get vengeance on both.

That being said, with just two episodes remaining, the identity of the true murderer will be revealed soon; in the meanwhile, you may speculate on who the killer might be.

How to stream 'Presumed Innocent'?

Peter Sarsgaard and O-T Fagbenle in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)
Peter Sarsgaard and O-T Fagbenle in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of drama and suspense by subscribing to Apple TV+'s streaming service, which allows you to indulge in a courtroom thriller that will fully engage you.

Apple TV+ requires a monthly subscription cost of $9.99 in order to access all of the platform's original episodes and films.

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