Who is Phil Wegmann? Joe Biden draws flak for LASHING OUT at reporter at WH presser

'No, I didn't say that. Look what I said. Go back and read what I said,' Biden snapped at Wegmann during a White House press conference

                            Who is Phil Wegmann? Joe Biden draws flak for LASHING OUT at reporter at WH presser
President Joe Biden (R) lashed out at White House correspondent Philip Wegmann (inset) during a press conference (@PhilipWegmann/Twitter, Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images)

A press conference was held at the White House on Wednesday to mark the end of US President Joe Biden's first year in office. President Biden has garnered criticism from people by lashing out at reporter Philip Wegmann for asking a question during the press conference.

Wegmann, who is a White House correspondent for Real Clear Politics, asked Biden, "You campaigned and you ran on a return to civility. And I know that you dispute the characterization that you called folks who oppose those voting bills as being a Bull Connor or a George Wallace, but you said they would be sort of in the same camp." Biden snapped at that and replied, "No, I didn't say that. Look what I said. Go back and read what I said, and tell me if you think I called anyone who voted on the side of the position taken by Bull Connor that they were Bull Connor. That is an interesting reading in English. I assume you got into journalism because you like to write."





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Who is Philip Wegmann?

Philip Wegmann is an American journalist and a White House reporter for Real Clear Politics. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in History and Politics from Hillsdale College. Post his education, he worked as a staff writer for The Washington Examiner. He has been awarded multiple awards and honors, including the 'Young Leader Award' by the American Swiss Foundation, 'Tony Blankley Chair for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism' by The Steamboat Institute, and a 'Career Achievement Award' by America's Future Foundation.

What are people saying about Biden's reaction?

Biden's reaction was called "absurd" and people tweeted in support of Wegmann. A fellow reporter tweeted, "Biden getting angry + splitting hairs over whether he said half the country opposed to "voting rts" bill is actually Connor and G. Wallace or just in their camp. He's roughing up 1 of the most decent + respectful reporters in the WH press corp -- my colleague @PhilipWegmann. Wld be journalistic malpractice NOT to ask a ? many Americans are upset abt Biden's angry response is telling + absurd: He finally utters: "You don't get to vote this way + then [it] somehow goes away. This will stick w/you the rest of ur career and long after you're done," while another said, "Can confirm @PhilipWegmann does indeed know how to read and is a very good writer."





Post the press conference, Wegmann made a joke and tweeted, "Well, now that makes two presidents who have yelled at me —Trump and Biden." 



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