'Dementia Joe' trends again as Biden goofs up despite using 'cheat sheets' for his first press conference

Despite having pointers written on a prompt card, Biden still had to correct himself after saying US ranks 85th globally in infrastructure

                            'Dementia Joe' trends again as Biden goofs up despite using 'cheat sheets' for his first press conference
President Joe Biden at his first press conference (Getty Images)

'Dementia Joe' appears to be a recurring trend on Twitter, which is resurrected by Trump supporters every time President Joe Biden experiences some gaffe or slip-up during his official duties. The trend appears to have resurfaced again after Biden's first press conference on Thursday, March 25, 2021. This time, Biden is facing criticism for reportedly using 'cheat sheets' during the press conference. 

The documents captured on camera show certain pointers to help the president answer his questions from the journalists. The oldest president of the United States was also seen holding one sheet with headshots of journalists whom he planned to call on during the conference, reports the Daily Mail. 


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Why was Biden using cheat sheets?

In a series of photos published by the New York Post, Joe Biden was spotted holding multiple sheets throughout his conference. One of the documents was a cue card with a list of journalists and the outlets represented by them. A close-up photo of the card shows circled numbers around certain reporters. Biden reportedly only took questions from a selected group of journalists. A total of 25 reporters were invited to his first press conference, which lasted 62 minutes. Biden fielded 10 questions during the entire event. 

The New York Post also revealed that the President held a sheet with bulleted notes like - "The United States now ranks 13th globally in infrastructure quality — down from 5th place in 2002." Despite the prompt card in his hands, Biden ended up experiencing another gaffe as he mistakenly mentioned that America ranked 85th in world infrastructure, before correcting himself. The sheet also showed other pointers like - "China spends 3 times more on infrastructure than U.S." and "Bridges: More than 1/3rd of our bridges (231,000) need repairs or preservation work." Many of Biden's answers were prompted by notes from a three-ring binder, reported New York Post. 

"#DementiaJoe Biden needed a cheat sheet today," a user tweeted, while another added, "Hadn’t seen this little #DementiaJoe cheat sheet earlier."



'Remember when #DementiaJoe told you to inject disinfectant?'

As Twitter was flooded by #DementiaJoe tweets, Biden supporters counter-attacked by bringing out the major gaffes made by Donald Trump during his presidency. 

"Well I’m sure #DementiaJoe could outwit an umbrella ...unlike that other guy," tweeted one user, with a video clip of Trump struggling with an umbrella while boarding a plane. Another wrote, "#DementiaJoe Has nothing on Dementia Don," accompanied by another video compilation of Trump's slip ups during speeches. 

"Remember when #DementiaJoe told you to inject disinfectant? Me neither," one user wrote sarcastically, while another tweeted, "Don’t forget the people using #DementiaJoe in their tweets stormed the capitol."





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