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Pizza Hut delivers a SCATHING reply to Jack Posobiec's 'America vs China' diss

The restaurant company tweeted that they have banned Posobiec from all of their outlets but later deleted the tweet
Jack Posobiec was called out by Pizza Hut after he attacked the brand (@jackmposobiec/Instagram and Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Jack Posobiec was called out by Pizza Hut after he attacked the brand (@jackmposobiec/Instagram and Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Alt-right and alt-lite political activist Jack Posobiec has been slammed by Pizza Hut after he went on a Twitter spree to diss the restaurant company. In a series of tweets, the 36-year-old attacked Pizza Hut and also tried to imply that the glory days of the international franchise had come to an end in the US.

Posobiec started by tweeting, “Tried to take my kids to a classic @PizzaHut near DC last night and it was a wasteland. Guess they don't do dine-in anymore. Unmade boxes over all the tables, dirty, delivery drivers hanging out. Grew up with BookIt personal pans, red cups, and arcade games. It's all gone now.”


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To which, Pizza Hut replied, “This is definitely not the experience we wanted for you. Mind sending us a DM with your name, email address, phone number, and the store's exact street address?” But the conspiracy theorist did not stop there as he went on to share pictures of two different outlets of Pizza Hut stating, “Pizza Hut in China vs Pizza Hut in America Are you paying attention yet?” 



He also shared another two images and wrote, “Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition.” And when a Twitter user tweeted, “I wanna buy all the old Pizza Huts back from the Chinese restaurants, stock them full of classic arcade cabinets, make a pizza buffet with unlimited marinara, and call them Pizza Home,” he replied, “I’m in.” Posobiec requested Elon Musk, who recently bought Twitter, to buy Pizza Hut too. He added, “@ElonMusk buy Pizza Hut and restore it to its former glory.”





But Posobiec's attack on Pizza Hut did not go down well with many, especially the tweet in which he tried to claim that the restaurant company in China, owned by Yum China, is doing great, but the US outlets, owned by the parent company Yum! Brands are in poor condition.

Blasting as well as correcting Posobiec, a person wrote, “Maybe it would be fairer and less tendentious to compare two stores that are open and trading rather than a fresh modern one vs an old, closed one.” Another one shared, “By ‘Pizza Hut in America’ do you actually mean Pizza Hut in Australia? 🧐 😂.”



A user sarcastically asked him, “So you’re upset that an abandoned Australian Pizza Hut is not an abandoned American Pizza Hut?” Another user lambasted him, “Why are you so http://ignorant.Pizza Hut  is just a fast food. This is an upscale dining in China.” “Pizza Hut from Adelaide, Australia 2006. Are YOU paying attention, Jack??” the third one added.




Pizza Hut also took to social media to condemn Posobiec in a tweet, which seems to be deleted now. It wrote, “Jack Posobiec is no longer welcome at our restaurants after he came in, intoxicated, demanding to know where we kept the Space Lazers. We told him that was Dominos.”


Several people praised the multinational restaurant chain as one fan said, “Omg that’s awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣.” The second one tweeted, “Pizza Hut FTW. Always liked your pizza and now I will order it whenever I can. Best mic drop ever.” “Guess he's got to go to trash Dominoes now. Playing politics pays a price!” a tweet read.

Another tweet added, “He's butthurt the 1980's are over? He's romanticizing something from his youth. I get it. We all do that. But to demand a business put arcade games back in? Demand they use plastic cups in a society phasing plastic out? Then what? Demand customers say ‘gag me with a spoon’?”