Did China ask Russia to hold off on Ukraine invasion till AFTER Olympics? Report drops bombshell

Did China ask Russia to hold off on Ukraine invasion till AFTER Olympics? Report drops bombshell
Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Xi Jinping during the Tsinghua University's ceremony, at Friendship palace on April 26, 2019, in Beijing (Kenzaburo Fukuhara - Pool/Getty Images)

China and Russia reportedly planned together before the Ukraine invasion as a report has claimed that the Asian nation allegedly asked Vladimir Putin’s country to delay the war till the Winter Olympics in Beijing was on. The revelation was first made by The New York Times that quoted White House officials and a Western intelligence report.

It has been said that in early February, senior Chinese officials requested Russia to hold their attack plan after they were informed by Washington about it. China was reportedly given the information by Washington in the hope that it would convince Russia to not invade Ukraine, a source confirmed to Reuters. But that did not happen as Russia launched the unprovoked attack on Ukraine just four days after the Olympics concluded.


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However, the report did not mention if the President of China Xi Jinping and Putin were directly involved in the alleged agreement. A China expert, Bonny Lin, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told The New York Times: “Given the evidence we have so far, I think we can’t rule out either possibility definitely – that Xi didn’t know (which is bad) and that Xi may have known (which is also bad).” 

But the Asian country has refuted the accusations, claiming it a “smear” campaign and on Tuesday, March 1, even offered its help to settle a truce between the two countries involved in the war. In a statement, it said that Beijing was “extremely concerned about the harm to civilians” in the invasion and “Ukraine … looks forward to China playing a role in realizing a ceasefire.”

The new revelation has attracted a lot of attention online with a user saying, “Like Dionne Warwick said…’that's what friends are for.’” Another user said, “Many experts in mainstream media were claiming it, but no evidence was given. But , as you know rest is history.” The third user asked, “How was this Chinese communiqué done? Through a press release, journal, on phone call?... Anyway there are many things coming in anytime with this Russia invasion of Ukraine. We need verified information. Information is a weapon as well may also kill like any other weapon.”







A person tweeted: “This is exactly why the #WarCriminalPutin went to the Olympics. He probably also liked the luge doubles, but mostly went to brief Xi on his plans. #PutinMustGo.” The second on wrote: “All preplanned ...#china is making fool of ourselves and escaping every time…” A tweet noted: “No matter how many sanctions are placed on Russia, China will give Russia everything it needs. It’s not just Western Allies vs Russia. It’s western Allies vs Russia AND China. Taiwan is next to fall.”













A Twitter user claimed, “China is just using Russia for their own benefit. They are playing both sides.” Another user noted, “That was obvious. They are together and the Olympics was a big thing to China so obviously he said wait.” “China’s salivating to do this exactly (but more successfully) to Taiwan, so no, they don’t have a thing to say about it. They are watching, learning, recalibrating their own future plans as they see the response,” a tweet read.

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