Mark Walton yells at Miami Pizza Hut staff, beats up cousin and asks cops if he can pee on himself in crazy clip

When questioned by police, the 24-year-old NFL star said he was angry with the workers because they canceled one of his orders

                            Mark Walton yells at Miami Pizza Hut staff, beats up cousin and asks cops if he can pee on himself in crazy clip
Mark Walton asked officers he could pee on himself (NFL Draft 2021)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Video has shown NFL free agent Mark Walton getting involved in an argument with staff members of a Pizza Hut, screaming at police officers, also fighting with his cousin before asking cops if he could “pee on myself”. The footage was obtained by TMZ Sports that also reported that the incident took place on January 31 around 11.24 in the night at a Miami Pizza Hut.

The video showed cops approaching Walton while he was having a heated conversation at the pizza joint's ordering counter. When further questioned by police, the 24-year-old said he was angry with the workers because they canceled one of his orders. He also alleged that one of the staff members called him the 'N-word'. He went on to explain that he came to the restaurant to confront them over the alleged insult. You can see the video here.


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Pizza Hut workers told officers that Walton was “banging on the windows” before they reached the scene. But the football running back did not back out even after the cops asked him to and later started yelling at them too. He also told one of the officers, “You don't know who I am! I don't care! I'm about money!” However, subsequently, he left the scene with his cousin but did not go very far as the two got involved in a fight between themselves. When cops went on to check, they found Walton standing over his cousin. It seemed the cousin was hit hard by him as he was bleeding heavily from his forehead.

Mark Walton (Getty Images)

Police officers soon took out their tasers and ordered Walton to the ground while he claimed his cousin was hurt due to a fall after grabbing him during their altercation. He argued more as cops handcuffed him before asking if he could “pee on myself” and when cops permitted him, he actually peed on himself. He also confessed to a cop that he had been drinking previously in the day. Walton was then pressed with two charges — misdemeanor trespassing and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. However, some reports stated that according to court records he has reached a deal with prosecutors so that the case can be closed.

People on Twitter have also reacted to the police video of Walton. One person wrote, “Cousin got hurt bc Walton has anger issues. Doesn’t excuse the racism, and Walton has had mandatory anger management when he abused his pregnant girlfriend.” The second person noted, “I hope @pizzahut fired that racist a$$hold who definitely used a hard R! This is why you shouldn’t drink too much... he went to jail& his cousin got hurt all because of a racist.” “Drugs or mental illness hope he gets some help,” a tweet read. Another comment was, “Police very calm here and probably needed to calm him down before he hit his cousin.”





In February 2020, Walton was accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in Davie, Florida. He was detained for allegedly punching the woman on the face and head and charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant person, which is a felony offense carrying a maximum sentence of 15 years.

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